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Autism is Ascension

“Autism is ascension”… what a mind bending concept that would have been to me 10 years ago, and I would imagine, still is for many people on the planet today. Ten years ago, I embarked on an awakening journey but didn’t understand the depth of what it meant. I was in the midst of cancer treatment, was having visions of symbols and received a reiki attunement all within about the span of a year. The reiki attunement seemed to blow the doors open to realms beyond realms. However,I was fixated on “healing” my beyond verbal daughter, Sammie. Every time I sat down to do energy work on her to "heal" her, I was led in a different direction that showed me the vastness and complexity of who she is. And I have to say, it still is like this today. It took a few more years and trials for me to come to understand and now perceive autism as ascension.

Fast forward to now; what I’ve come to understand these last two years, and it feels quite natural to me that autism is ascension. It’s a different wiring - yes. It’s a different way of perceiving and viewing the world - yes. But it’s so much more…. vastly more than a different way of experiencing the world. It’s even a different way of seeing oneself as Soul and being the consciousness of Soul as moving Spirit. It’s literally seeing oneself as the Breath in action as the vessel. To be in such great Union with the One, that the objects other kids see as being ‘cool’ can’t compare to what is experienced in this Union with the Creator of the ALL. It’s knowing oneself so purely, that they cannot compromise this knowing to be like most of humanity.

Many of you who have followed our work know that my connection with Sammie is primarily energetic; meaning how I receive these insights. There are many autists who are showing their voices via alternative communication methods such as the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM), Facilitated Communication, and other forms of alternative communication devices. Certainly, Sammie has demonstrated her awareness of what is going on around her via RPM, but over the last two years, as has always been the case for us, she shows me some sign of “progress” from this humanly perspective but then leads me down another rabbit hole. This greater rabbit hole, however, has lead me to connect telepathically or I prefer, energetically, communicate with many other autists on the planet. Sammie is my access point since I live with her physically. It’s been a daunting journey and it can be physically very tiring, but the grandness I experience when I connect to this collective is nothing short of MAGNIFICENT; COLOSSAL even. I now wonder why there are channelers on the planet connecting to ET’s and angelics because from my perspective, these autists are exquisite — and I’ve honestly had my fair share of communications with the standard archangels, and other galactic beings; especially those first few years of my awakening. These Autists, however, are something GRANDER if that’s possible.


There are two answers that stand out to me at the time of this writing:

1) They’re bringing through correction codes for our DNA. Yes, correction codes. A few months ago, someone recommended I try an atomic clearing meditation with Sammie as a means to clear her physical body. So I started the meditation as she sat across from me on the sofa of our living room. She was staring directly at me. As the meditation progressed, she clearly showed me that she would not allow this clearing to take place and showed me her DNA. I saw the DNA lattice.There were gaps in places and and markers in places. She said those were where the new DNA corrections would be placed and that the other kids had other markers; some more than others. This is consistent with current scientific findings that autism is caused by deletions of genes and that some genes are turned off.

The intensity of Sammie’s eye contact with me indicated she was sending me these images and messages. I knew in that moment that this had been a soul “decision” and somehow she could turn those genes back on. This is actually something a spiritual energy worker had told me 3 years ago. At that time, I felt somewhat dismayed that she could end this “suffering” somehow but I see now the greater purpose of it all. And I certainly realize that these deletions cause some very serious health challenges in the world in which we live and that it makes them extra sensitive to environmental toxins. It’s not an easy journey and this awareness does not make physical life easier. I know a part of me felt saddened by it, and it does not diminish the compassion I feel for the kids and families who endure a great deal of challenges in this physical realm.

2) This star portrayed with this post is from the Autist Collective that I received in the spring of 2018. What you see is an 18 pointed star but actually has 183 or 18x18x18 points = 5,832 points which in numerology terms adds up to 18 again (5+8+3+2). It is an emanation of their collective consciousness from the 7 higher heavens and is a way of joining their expanded consciousness with the current human consciousness to fast track humanity forward. The 18 points are currently accessible to us with eventually the full star becoming available to us by 2050.

This is an analogy I was shown of how they see this merge:

The bottom triangle pointing down represents sort of a general “average” of how the collective human consciousness is operating. The one pointing up is the Autist Collective and where they vibrate as a consciousness. The blending of the two (with the DNA corrections and new DNA) will accelerate the Collective Human Consciousness. The vibration of our DNA which is activated by the spiritual nature of our soul plays a vital role in our physical body manifestation. As I have previously shared, by NOT fully embodying the distorted architecture of the physical (which is why they turn off or delete certain genes, these Autists have been able to remain true to their soul mission and resist the belief systems which has been the foundations of our reality.

To add to this post, Lucy spontaneously came through a couple of evenings ago. The message was intended for a friend’s class but with Lucy and her mom’s permission, I am sharing here as well because it is related to this beautiful consciousness star.

“Wanting to know more about us opens portals in your physical brain. This is new and something we can now do through the quantum field of your brain. Curiosity rewires your nervous system if you let it. We can come through many more access points now. Don’t you find this fascinating? It can feel strange. Don’t fear us. Ask your heart if it is us. Tingles of joy will tell you it is us. If it is not us, your body will close down. It’s time to fear not what your heart’s guidance is showing you. We lead you to greater awareness and greater inner knowing. Your fears keep you limited. Doubt casts shadows but those shadows may be the hidden secrets you’ve been asking about. Leap for joy and leap forward. The heart and mind are trying to sync up. Syncopation is the rhythm of the two entangling to find the dance of the heart and brain. Why do you hesitate? Ask the question and feel what happens. Why not?” —Lucy (transmitted through Susan O.)

Autism is Ascension. Contemplate that. It is what will accelerate human evolution and save us from ourselves. I know the outside world may not validate this but it is what is underway. Until next time, many blessings.

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