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Captivated by Autism

The image portrayed with this post was inspired by Sammie. I drew it several weeks ago when she was in discomfort. I asked what was needed and she indicated that the Earth’s new light body needed to be activated so she could make a new connection with it. She adjusted over the next couple of hours. I find myself fascinated and captivated by how this all works. I’m amazed at the beauty I experience when I sit down to draw these images. I had one art class in college and no real training in it. I don’t consider myself an artist and so I can only attribute these images to true inspiration (and the fact that apps and software can do quite amazing things). Even so, the true inspirational breath that is Sammie and the Souls of these beings is truly breathtaking.

It’s hard to believe now that I spent so many years agonizing over Sammie’s autism diagnosis. It was my state of consciousness at that time that would not allow me to see it any differently. Even energy work does not work the same way with her. Every time I go in with an intention to fix her on some level would lead me down a path of vastness and open to realms beyond my imagination. And it’s still like this today so while there are families now making amazing discoveries about their autists cognitive intelligence with letterboards (look up Rapid Prompting Method), Facilitated Communication (FC), and typing on iPads or other hand held devices, this is what seems to be our soul to soul connection. She shows me either directly or opens a portal for my soul to view through, and bring through what is needed energetically here to assist in this ascension. There is new creation technologies coming through constantly it seems now and they are being pulled through because our Autists are here.

Take for example the new elemental substances ‘here’ because they are here. Substances like diamond water, liquid ether, white diamond fire, liquid fire, “crystal-ether’water” … and the slew of new devas and elemental spirits that work with the manifestation of our physical substances. It’s a whole new ball game. Everything… every particle, antiparticle, nano-substance has consciousness of Spirit. These are represented by devas and elementals.

In the physical realm. Sammie looks highly “dysfunctional”, and yet, there is so much magnanimous beauty that I experience from her, through her, and because of her. And I experience it with all the other autist concsiounsess beings I encounter.

This last week was a moderately rough one as Sammie has been up all night. I call this moderately rough because there were only 2 occasions of self-injurious behavior. I do some type of energy work on her or around her every day to keep things moving. On the night of her unexpected self-injurious and aggressive outburst this week, I saw a portal open in our solar system. I realize this may sound completely off the wall but when I prayed for help and to be shown what was happening, that’s what I saw. So imagine how that might feel to someone who is so energetically sensitive that a rip through the dimensionalized field to open a portal can be so physically painful that it causes her to lash out at herself. And I’m certain this type of thing is happening to other autists who suddenly lash out for no known visible reason from our “neurotypical” perspective. They end up in hospitals, mental institutions, etc… Our systems are not equipped to deal with this. I use essential oils and other energetic tools but so far I have found no consistent method that works every time. I do have to say, however, that drawing these energetic images and symbols does seem to work for Sammie - perhaps not 100 percent but there are times when it’s immediate.

I detract from the essence of this message… which is that I am completely captivated by my experiences with Sammie and the beauty of the images and symbols that come through. The images and symbols reflect back to me information and a process. I experience so much love and so much beauty that the process is what helps me get through these rough weeks when on the outside it can appear as though all hell is breaking loose.

Take a look at what is represented by this image. Feel the love that our Earth Mother has for us. Feel the plants, the animals, the minerals, the rocks, the water and contemplate our relationship with our Earth. We are making this ascension together. I remember many years ago in my awakening when I connected to the consciousness of Gaia. She showed me that she knows she is caring for human souls and that she sees us a light beings. She takes her responsibility very seriously, so to speak.

Today, Sammie wanted me to share this image so that each of you reading can make a new connection to the Earth’s light body through our light body. Allow yourself to feel that without thinking about how or if there’s a right way to do it.

Oh, and what does this portal in our solar system do? It’s coming through an inter dimensional space 7D and 8D. My consciousness was calling it the diamond portal and it is pouring out treasures of codes to create the new earth and the new human bodies.

Sammie wants me to add here that the Earth’s light body is being infused with the newly coded platonic solids that is part of our manifestation template; sort of like the essential building blocks of geometries that gives us form. We had another very intense time here just 45 mins ago with Sammie and I saw the light green platonic solids that came out of the diamond portal surrounding the earth in layers. The 12 Galactic Suns are activating them. I can feel them energetically and see them in my inner vision. This is a very beautiful but intense activation. I am with all the families who are caring for these brilliant beings.

This message is dedicated to Sammie and all the Autists who captivate me and put me in total awe when I engage with them.

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