4-4-2020: Messages from Gaia, the Autist Collective, Council of 12, and the Whale & Dolphin Beings

18 Pointed Star of the Artist Collective
18 Pointed Star of the Artist Collective

This spontaneous collective message from Gaia, the Autist Collective, the Council of 12, and the Whale and Dolphin beings, came in on 4-4-2020. A small group of us got together to participate in the 4-4-4 global meditation. The full meditation will be posted on our YouTube channel but this message was so powerful, and we wanted to share it.

From Gaia "In the midst of this Corona Virus that is presenting itself as if it’s a pandemic, even though there is an appearance of a pandemic and a crisis that has spread around the planet, know that this is a very important milestone on the planet. This was an unforeseen and unplanned event that took place but know that it has actually accelerated your ascension timeline. Something like this was due to come about in the next two to four years, but even the life on the planet did not plan this or foresee this, but see this as an acceleration now of the planetary ascension because the planet has changed so much in the unseen realms, so much beyond your third dimensional vision, your third dimensional awareness, that deep within the layers, the multi-dimensional layers of the earth, of this solar system, so much has now changed that the rules that you have been operating on to manifest the 3-D reality really are no longer there. They are no longer in play and those who have been controlling the planet will come to see this in the next two to four years. They will keep trying to regain control, but now as your collective humanity joins together, they will not be able to regain control of the planet, of the minds and the hearts truly, the soul, the true soul of who you are is your power. They will not be able to dominate your souls ever again. Please be witness to this and if your minds doubt, as you human minds will, watch how this unfolds, watch the unprecedented nature of how humanity will come together…are coming together, you are seeing it happening in small pockets. There are those that still try and throw stones at progress, but see them as near stones, as pebbles even for they cannot do the type of damage that has been done on the planet in the past."

The Autist Collective Consciousness "We the Autists of the Seven Higher Heavens are here with you now. We have been working diligently beneath the surface, beyond the realms that you cannot in your awareness access. We have been creating new technologies; technologies as in light codes and symbols that come through to give you what you need in each moment. We are the eyes of God working from the inside so to speak, to witness what is happening here on the planet and we transmit this information back to Holy Mother, Holy Father, to all of creation, and the legions of support that we have of co-creating the very energetic light codes that is needed to make this transition. There is so much happening in the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th dimensions now that you cannot fathom how big and how monumental this project truly is. We call to all those on the planet, all of you who can feel these words to look at us with new eyes because we are seen as if we do not contribute to your society, that we don’t contribute to your machines, that we don’t contribute to the monetary financial systems that are completely out of balance and completely one sided and operated on polarity. You do not see what we are doing in the unseen realms. You do not see how diligently we’ve been working. Many of the parents still do not completely see, they cannot acknowledge what their hearts are telling them. We call to you to awaken, to be compassionate to your child, to be compassionate to yourselves, for when you as the parents no longer see us as broken, we will reveal the most amazing messages to you, and to those on the planet who are still asleep. We call to you to even open the window to your heart just a little bit so that we can see you so that you can see us and that we can show you something different. Gaia and this collective, we have joined together to become one consciousness now because this consciousness is what will be reflected from the planet to humanity. This collective now and this joining of our forces now will awaken all the kingdoms of the earth to a new level of being, a new level of sentience. The new children that are being born from this year on will have a completely different consciousness. They will be operating from the oversoul consciousness. They will be empowering this oversoul matrix that is the one humanity, things will never be the same again. They may look like innocent children being born and growing up, but watch them, they will not tolerate the misogyny, they will not tolerate the desecration of the planet. Those of you who are of child bearing age, young adults, you are to raise these children with new eyes and an expanded heart to truly begin unraveling the old ways, to change the educational systems, to change your health care, to change your financial institutions, to change how wealth is distributed on the planet. It is incumbent upon you to end the slavery, to end starvation on this planet."

Gaia says: "We will no longer tolerate this. I will no longer tolerate this. We see you" [meaning all those who are operating from lower vibrational consciousness]. "There are no hidden agendas anymore! We see you. You are naked before us. You cannot hide in your games. You cannot play shell games anymore! We see you and we know what you are doing. It’s time to replace the old systems with the foundation of true love, of omniscient love, love that is not an emotion but is being-ness. Love is the foundation of the formless one before any creation took place, the omniscience is love. The omnipresence is love."