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8-7-21 Global Transformation Meditation

Message from Sammie (Samantha)

“Dear friends,

Welcome to this very important event. It’s an event that’s been building and building. So much cosmic work has gone into this time of transition. And there’s still more to be done. More to unfold. Take heart, in these confusing and difficult times, for you are dancing at the precipice of epic changes. So many lies to maneuver through. So many broken hearts to be mended but it’s all for the ultimate freedom of humanity.

The deceptions and lies are, from a certain vantage point, meant to shake more awake. The ridiculousness and contradictions can only, eventually, have the effect of dismantling all that was woven into a 3D matrix. The virus and pandemic is causing mass confusion and the mRNA shots confuses the issue even more. We told you last year that this virus that’s causing so much turmoil was created by man’s ignorance and the ignorance doesn’t stop there. It has been compounded by a manmade mRNA that is supposed to “fix” the situation. A manmade virus and a manmade shot. We do not criticize those who received the mRNA shot because we know that some of you did it out of a sense of responsibility to humanity, to protect yourself, because you were coerced, or enticed, or any combination of reasons. We know that much of humanity truly wants peace. We know you are tired of deception, feeling like you are unworthy, and tired of fighting each other.

We autists are here to show you that your soul essence and core energy cannot be changed by rulers, rules, laws, and government agencies that only mandate a small band-width of the human potential. Despite all the therapies and education that we received, many of us could not be changed to conform or fit in. We see and experience too much. Consider that you have been getting a taste of what we have experienced through these mandates and rules.

We see that some of you believed in these rules as a means of protection because some have suffered from COVID-19. It is not pretty for those who suffered and died alone in hospitals. And yes, some suffer today from a condition that is seemingly beyond your control. There are souls who died alone in hospitals whose souls have been mired in confusion in the afterlife and caught in a web. Some of our friends have been working to free them.

We do not want to re-hash what is going on in the outer world for you live it and know it all too well. Rather, let us point to a higher vantage point of what is changing in the cosmic landscape. And cosmic does not mean it is “somewhere out there”. You are cosmic. The earth is cosmic and all life on the planet is cosmic. The changes and openings that have occurred and continue to happen are in you and all around you. The states of matter must change with all that has transpired. It is time to make another leap. Many of you have “expanded consciousness” and now it’s time to also change your physical matter to align to that “expanded consciousness”. The changes in your density of form can be defined as a transfiguration. And there will be many subtle alchemical changes to your density in this life – no, you won’t completely become light in your current life but that is the trajectory for the Human Avatar template.

And consider that if you are changing density so is the earth. It’s actually the earth that is transfiguring and so all forms of matter on the earth must adapt. This means your bacteria, viruses, micro-parasites, bugs, ocean life, plants, trees, animals, fungi/mushrooms, rocks, crystals,…

Let us consider what is happening with the coronavirus that “causes” COVID-19 in light of the cosmic changes that have occurred. Your news reports that there are new variants and that some of the latest ones are deadlier. Consider that this corona virus that can lead to COVID-19 for some people, is also being affected by the cosmic changes underway. The delta variant is actually 3 variations from our perspective and is not well understood. The variations are subtle and accurate variations are not really clearly “seen” because there is a very dynamic nature to “seeing” something so minute. Viruses do exist as first and second dimensional “entities” that plays a role in sustaining matter on the earth and interfaces to assist life on the planet to make adaptations to many species that have to make changes as the earth goes through changes.

Are the “variants” more deadly and contagious? For some, yes. For others, no. For the majority, however, we do not see it as being more deadly. It may appear as though certain areas are harder hit, as you say, but the information is not completely accurate. The energetic changes happening on the earth is complex to explain but there are areas where the ley lines and grid are much more damaged and life force currents from the earth are not running optimally. And quite honestly, there are many other toxins in some of those areas which is harming people’s immune system. It is consequently important to work with the Sun which is also undergoing radical changes and the cosmic life force currents are ever increasing in its power. Your trees have also been infused with another level of Spiritual Power from the original Tree Father. Consequently, the ability for the trees to breathe for the earth is ever increasing in power. And the trees will greatly assist in clearing out the toxins. Breathing is very cleansing. Breathing with the trees in the sun is and will be very healing. Many of you know this already.

We don’t wish to take up more “time” here (ha, ha)… but would like to just mention the mushrooms and their mycelium network that they form around the earth. Mushrooms have now been studied much more closely for about the last 20 years and are being recognized for the important network of information that they form. They are like the planetary nervous system and play an important role in maintaining balance with the world of viromes, bacteria, and other microscopic life. The mycelium network is going through a boost and amplification of its network. This network will play a key role in what happens with the corona virus that you are all so currently afraid of. The multidimensional sun will stimulate the production of another virus to nullify the virus that can lead to COVID-19 if needed.

To conclude, we leave you with a few thoughts and rhetorical questions. The power of nature has an intelligence to correct itself. Can you trust in its power? Do you believe that no other doctors and researchers are looking into treating people who may come down with COVID-19? The power of not just the Universe but the Omniverse is with you. Humanity has come too far in attaining its freedom to allow some to keep humanity in 3D consciousness bondage.”

Please take only that which resonates for you. No medical advice is inferred in this message. Claim your sovereignty and do what you feel is best for you in the moment.

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