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8-8-22 Lyran Gate & More!

Hello dear souls!

Apologies I have not updated the latest happenings via our web platform. It's been an intense and tiring first half of 2022 but Samantha and I have been busy. I add free material to our Patreon platform (I know some of our subscribers wonder why we're sharing via Patreon and not our website... the short answer is that since my husband and I do all the background work and are not able to afford an assistant at this time, Patreon is like having an assistant at this time). Consequently, I am sharing links to our Patreon page that are public. There are 2 audio recordings, including a message/meditation for this 8-8-22 Portal, and several new images and an important Mother's White Dragon Sun message.

The 8-8 Lyran Gateway

Gold Ray Seraphim DNA/mRNA Activation

Click the image below (and there's one more link below this one)

Mother's White Dragon Sun & her Lionness that came in from 7-3 to 7-7-2022

Click the image to go to the post.

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