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Arametena, the 12D Krystalline Earth

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Spelling errors of 'Arametena' were corrected if you're seeing it pop up again.

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The 12D Krystalline Earth in its pure state
Arametena; version 1

The month of August opened many new activations and streams of consciousness to support the continued physical changes to our very states of matter. If you followed our recent blogs and recorded messages, I talked about the 8-8 alignment as an opening into the Lyran Gates supporting the access into deeper states of Creation. That feels like the best description.

Since 2-22-2022, we aligned to a primordial Source field we never had access to before. The point of origin somehow; beyond words and I describe it that way because the infinite expanse of the ALL THAT IS can have many fields of Creation that can’t be adequately seen or experienced perhaps from the human perspective. However, we try, knowing that there’s ever more wonder and complexity of the omniversal realms. And we must stay focused on the here and now of what is happening for planet earth, humans and all life here, and our galaxy. A great deal is being corrected, cleansed, dissolved, reset, rewired, nullified, zero’d out…whew, it's a wonder we're functioning still. The physical aspects of our very human body and the earth body is making huge and monumental adjustments. Something like this has never been done before while still existing in dense physical bodies such as ours.

Getting back to the month of August, the first stream Samantha and I experienced, was the Lyran Gateway. The Lyrans as I’ve described before are part of the founder races from beyond the 12th dimension. They are like vast expressions of God Source in a sort of aether-plasma form. From a human perspective, they’re like light body radiance shimmering and glistening of God Source harmonics and oscillations. The word ‘beautiful’ can’t fully describe how I’m experiencing them in this moment as I write. They gave these light codes that we would call genes from this perspective to create a human template which is an expression of Christos-Sophia consciousness, the Avatar; a god expression in human form.

The Lyrans and the Founders have been instrumental in assisting humanity to return the human blueprint to an avatar state. I know many out there speak of having our original blueprint returned but I see it as an upgraded template based on new mathematical codes and laws from God’s Infinite Calculus. The alignments and openings in August have catapulted us to another level, and each day in August which numerologically was another 8-8, opened us to more. So, in the last couple of days, I posted about the 8-26 alignment and the pure harmonic Source Codes coming through but on 8-17, I began seeing the 12D krystalline earth, known as Arametena. Here is a link to the ascension glossary For the sake of this blog, I am referring to this krystalline earth as Arametena.

Arametena, version 2

On 8-17, I began seeing a spherical krystaline form shimmering, oscillating, and constantly changing its krystalline geometry and the word ‘Arametena’ was clearly spelled out before me. The 12D krystalline earth would be like the purest state of matter our earth can be. Free of distortions and imperfections. From the perspective of simultaneous spiral time, this 12D earth is in our future and sets a trajectory for the organic ascending timelines but also can be simultaneously viewed as the earth placed in the 12th dimension as the original blueprint of an earth coming into density. To use the word “density” may sound off in the 12th dimension, but vibrationally, it is entering an extremely high frequency state to engage the universal time matrix of 1D-12D. As it “moves down” vibrationally, from 12D-1D, the frequencies slow down so we have an illusion of density.

Arametena; version 3

So over the next few days from 8-17, I kept seeing this krystalline earth constantly changing its inner geometric pattern and colors. I feel I could draw an infinite number of drawings depicting the beautiful states. I stopped at four, however, so I could keep functioning (ha ha), and I share them with all of you so you can perhaps experience this krystalline earth and assist you in staying the course to co-create the 5D earth, Tara, and the subsequent dimensional earths of our future, and in simultaneous time, the earths of each dimension. It’s mind bending but also quite amazing when you really start to experience this within yourself. Maybe some of you out there will feel inspired from these images to draw your own creations of what this pure krystalline earth looks and feels like.

Arametena; version 4

I am adding this other image I shared on social media and the accompanying message to help you continue to clear.

Support your clearing with the feeling of warm amber
Amber Dissolution Gem

Amber Dissolution. Feeling the clearing energies amplified? This amber gem can assist you. Sit in a comfortable position or turn on a favorite clearing meditation. Use the image to take the clearing to another level. Feel the warm Amber, like warm honey, running down gently to areas of stuck or trapped energy. The warmth gently but powerfully surrounds the block and begins to penetrate. Resistance is not an option because it’s so gentle and warm that it melts into you. You’re clearing and dissolving anything that is not the pristine essence of your soul and spirit. It is so gentle, it feels like deep caresses from The Creator. You may hear the whispers of Source and pristine angels. Let the Amber continue. It penetrates deeper and deeper into the crevices of your body. “You are so loved”, it says. “Parts of you may have forgotten but I have never forgotten you. I sent you on a soul journey to be a creator, to explore with wonders of the cosmos. Be my eyes and ears again. Spread love and joy like never before. This world needs you more than ever. Spread My Pure Love. Make peace with the trees, the birds, the mountains, and everything else in between. I see you. I hear you. I know you for you are an eternal breath that can never be forgotten.” Amber stone drawn on #procreate. Inspired by @tatyworks. --


Susan Oros

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