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Crypto is the Future

This is a social media post which some of you may have already seen with a little more detail in this post. Cryptocurrency as a block chain technology will change our financial and economic system but also has exponential probabilities for us to co-create a new earth.

This is something Sammie/Samantha has been saying for the last couple of years or so. I couldn’t fathom how this could be possible b/c cryptocurrency is such a bizarre concept; especially as a currency, at least to my mind. But clarity reveals itself in the right time. Thus, the clarity about cryptocurrencies trickles in. For about the past month, I’ve been on an intense learning journey to understand what Sammie’s been showing me. I’ve been watching videos, reading on the internet, and just feeling how the info resonates. It is apparent now that we needed to get past the 7/7/7 alignment in order to get a glimpse into what’s so important about crypto.

A seed is being planted with this post. So, use your own discernment as a soul to interpret the information and seek out more info if you feel the calling. Even within the crypto fans, there are different opinions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Is it a currency? I’d say, yes and no. It’s more of a digital asset and a new technology. Simplified, it’s a radically new way of decentralizing and networking computers. When Bitcoin came along, the intention was to decentralize transactions so there could be peer to peer exchanges without a third party. It’s exploded into so much more - for the good and the bad. There are those trying to control cryptocurrencies in general and many scams exist. What i’m shown, despite all this, is that new innovative software will be developed. Additionally, there will come an opportunity for the general population of the world to fund projects to clean our waters and produce free energy. Traditionally, venture capitalists would fund new projects but as some of you may have learned, innovative projects have also been shelved by those in power. It will be offered through blockchain and crypto exchanges. We must, however, begin exercising our sovereignty as individuals and as a collective humanity. We are the ones that must co-create a new economy and monetary system, otherwise, the same powers will create one. And, that’s exactly what’s happening. There’s so much more I can say about this topic based on what I’m learning but I’ll keep this short because I’m still learning. I do find it very exciting. Re: the images above, Sammie had me draw both. The 2nd one represents Christ Consciousness spreading through the blockchain.

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