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Diamonds to Build the New World

I am popping in quickly to share the latest activity we're experiencing. The new dragons have been entering our cosmic reality for the last few years. Many other spiritual workers have been experiencing this. However, I'm noticing that their presence in our cosmos has amplified to another level. They are releasing their "diamond codes". Since I'm not a "trained" artist, the fact that I can draw these beings in such a different way informs me that I can experience them in an exponentially expanded way.

This particular dragon is a Sapphire Flame Dragon and has also released a sapphire diamond. Last week when I found myself drawing diamonds and dragons, I wondered what was happening. Samantha then informed me that these diamonds are the geometric codes and fractal patterns to rebuild our world. This makes sense. If you've read our previous recent blogs and watched our vlogs, I've been saying that God's Laws and Language of Mathematics and Numbers has "changed" and that the the "old Mandelbrot fractal mathematics" will be fading away. The world as we've known it is over. We are witnessing the outer reality, and everything we believed, is cracking. As the old cracks and crumbles, we will and are rebuilding the new. There are many more people talking about this. These diamonds being released by these dragons contain the energetic information we need to build the new. Diamonds have symmetry and a pattern. The means to understand the codes within these diamonds is to be heart centered and live as soul. We are assisted in every step. Things could get worse from a certain vantage point, but remember we are supported. How it will look and shake out is still to be seen but we are ones here to rebuild - and that could mean you are physically engaged in building new platforms or you could be here to anchor in these new codes and language.

I'm keeping this short once again. I'm running quite a lot of energy in my body drawing so many new things. Stay tuned for a vlog coming out this week, featuring 9 New Omniversal Beings!

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