Farewell 2020, A Year of Shock & Clarity

I had high hopes for world wide changes as I began 2020

With no clue as to how outrageous it would be,

“Bring it on”, I said to myself,

"The world as we’ve known it must come to a close."

Empaths and compassionate hearts were used as a weakness,

While the aggressive and forceful have held us in an unseen prison.

The deep gasp came in spring as shut downs and the dreaded CV word took center stage.

Stay home, keep your breath to yourself as you might spread the deadly weapon.

Schools closed, stores closed, and a threat to our survival became the agenda.

Personal contact became known as a deadly sin,

Socializing a crime?

Lines blurred between truth and fabrication

Shame, blame, and guilt cast doubt amongst the people.

Paranoia fed to the people

The enemy a virus that divided even those who were once friends

News media, social media,…. which media to discern?

Pandemic? Plandemic?

Truth and lies mixed into confusing rhetoric

Fear infected just like the virus

Who’s the enemy as so many seemingly could not discern.