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Free Yourself from the Inside; a Message from Sammie

“Hello People,

It’s Independence Day here in the United States. Many of you are thinking, ‘What a paradox this is. It’s our Independence Day but why are my liberties being stepped on?’ I remind you that you chose to be here at this time during this critical cycle of Humanity. It’s not easy. It’s confusing and it’s frustrating. Many of you are now living the way us Autists live. We live a life of being sheltered in our bodies. We’re in human skin space suits but we enjoy our inner freedom. Freedom to traverse places you can’t imagine with your human brain or your human eyes.

This message is to tell you that even while you might not feel free, it is Independence Day at the soul level. It’s time to open your soul and know the truth of who you are. There’s no religion or dogma in this knowing. Even though the outer world places restrictions on you or tries to tell you what to think or feel, the soul freedom is unending and eternal. The Eternal Eyes are upon you and trying to penetrate every fiber of who you are. It’s not easy for these Eyes to penetrate some of the distortion fields and layers. It will feel more and more uncomfortable to those who can’t open themselves to the True Eyes but it also can’t be stopped. We’ve crossed too many thresholds to go back.

Even though the outer world freedom is being challenged, no one can stop the inner liberation underway. Those who control may look at this situation and think they are winning, that they have control and power after all but they are so short sighted and so focused on their distorted reality that they cannot see. They’ve lost their true eyes. Sold it for physical pleasures that cannot satisfy the deepest thirst. They are afraid of their own shadows and look to the outside world to fix it but there’s no fixing it from the outside.

If you’re still finding yourself ‘sheltered-in’ and can’t imagine how you’re going to keep your sanity, then go deeper within your heart. Some of you think you’re open to God Source but you can go deeper. The Infinite nature of the ALL is infinitely more expansive than you can imagine. The inner freedom as a Soul Expression is exactly what you need to know right now. And know it with not just your thought, but with your whole body. We’re in a phase of spiritualizing the body. The density of the physical body is changing to adapt to the higher vibration of the earth.

Can you imagine for a moment that in order for Soul to express as a human form, there are many layers of alchemical processes that has to take place? This is how Spirit becomes Matter and Matter is Spirit for the energy that it takes to hold an atom together originated from Spirit.

This is the soul freedom you’re working through right now and it requires you to take care of your bodies, slow down, and breathe your soul essence throughout your physical body. This soul essence is the Spiritual Breath that animated you. As you do this, imagine that the Breath is a beautiful alchemical elixir that is weaving through your density. Imagine that this process moves through your organs and body systems for they too must be freed. Your organs are being freed of toxicity. Not just toxicity of harsh chemicals in your food and environment but also of emotional blocks and mental blocks, scripts of who you were told to be, and lies that you are unworthy. Contemplate that what’s being freed is your true inner nature.

As we are freed from the inside, humanity can then collectively manifest a different outer reality. So hold tight my Soul-Full friends, it is indeed our independence. And no one and no-thing can take this away from you.

Enjoy this energy image my mom drew. The Phoenix is breaking free and it shows that your very bones are burning away the old shackles, too. Take flight. Take heart and let the Eternal Flame burn away your inner shackles.”

Sammie through Susan

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