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Gold Flame Dragon

There is so much happening that it is difficult to even keep up. The level of activity in our 3D world and in the cosmic realm continues. We are certainly experiencing it here, and consequently, why i'm keeping this message brief.

The dragon with this blog just came to "being" in about the last 24 hours. It was one of the easiest dragons I've ever drawn. And by "easy", I don't mean it arrogantly but rather how powerful and present the "energy" of it is. With each stroke, I felt its physical essence magnify and drawing its overall shape was like drawing with flowing water. A few days ago, I briefly mentioned 9 "beings" which entered this part of the cosmic realm. We (Samantha and the Autist Collective, a friend, and I - and I imagine other powerful souls - worked on stabilizing and connecting these new "beings of Source" into the earth and this universal realm.

Briefly, dragons, i've been shown or informed, carry Source codes. The "form" of the dragon is a means to "carry" those codes coherently.

This Gold Flame Dragon is born out this new consciousness. It has a very palpable physical feeling to me. It amplifies the clearing and deleting of layers that mask our true authentic selves. It means that healing can happen faster, beliefs can be cleared more readily, and other energy blocks that have been "hiding" our true nature. If you're genuinely a good heart centered person, these deeper aspects will emerge. Conversely, if your essential nature is "evil" or have deep selfish intention, these too will be more readily apparent. In essence, this dragon fiercely cancels out what's inauthentic. I have this feeling that this dragon is dissolving a sort of overlay on a "plasma quantum field" which impacts our reality.

This Gold Flame Dragon is literally made of a "plasma flame". I woke this morning to its powerful essence throughout my whole body, and I'm guided to share its image today to really spread and anchor its presence. So, please share!! Let's get its essence and energy out around the world!

Stay tuned for our Patreon page which I'm hoping to launch on the 11/11. I have a couple of behind the scenes videos planned and I'll be sharing never before shared images (I have many more images than I've been able to share). Additionally, for those who choose, I'll be hosting monthly video hang outs with the Autist Collective and myself. Topics will depend on the group.

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How beautiful all your dragons are, fierce or not, beauty is equally included.

the d8mond code dragon is fabulous too..



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