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Healing Human Genetic History

Healing Feline genetics; Lemurian and Atlantean

Images: Lemurian Mu’a, Atlantean healing, Father’s Blue Sapphire Rose, Chiron emanating Blue Flame Melchizedek.

For reference: Melchizedek

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There is much healing taking place with the Cosmic streams coming through which can finally impact our physical reality. It's been a process over several years to make this possible. The 7/7/2023 was a pivotal step. It aligned the three heavens so to speak; 7 higher heavens, 7 middle heavens (which was referred to as the 7 lower heavens), and the 7 micro heavens. The 7 middle heavens would be our world and certainly, it does not feel like it's been heaven on earth in the 3D realm. With this alignment, however, and the magnificent ways the macrocosmic and microcosmic have opened up, it's stimulating deep changes and healing at the macro and micro levels or quantum levels. The quantum level healing available means that the human genetics can also be healed.

The human genome has been tampered with for many tens of thousands of years. It means that even in Egyptian times, humans were not functioning on the full human template. It is amazing we could function as well as we do.

Below are images I drew in the last couple of months depicting visions and information I was receiving. As we can delve deeper into the seeds of earth's history, there is more being revealed. The damage to our genome early on seems to be centered around destroying what I'd call the "Cosmic Mother's expression". By damaging and in some cases destroying the feminine line, it becomes easier to distort the masculine. Many of you reading this understand that we are born of the union of Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father. There is a Christ principle to our genetics being an expression of God Source where the Mother and the Father operate as one. One is not dominant or better than the other. It is both principles of Father and Mother that is the Human Expression of God.

Healing Atlantean Genetic Manipulation

1. This image of the crystals and the water in the background is a depiction of Atlantis. The sun-like blue/yellow image above is the planetoid, Chiron, which orbits Jupiter and Saturn. During a session with my family some time in October, some information came through that during the last 300 years or so of Atlantis before the cataclysm, the Atlanteans experimented with genetic engineering. They were attempting to enhance the mental and intellectual capabilities which is Father's Blue Sapphire Rose genetic line. In so doing, they actually contributed to severing the Cosmic Mother and Father genetic lines which facilitated the further disconnection of the masculine and feminine after the Atlantean epoch collapse. Like I had described in a previous post, when the feminine or Mother principle is disconnected from the masculine, it becomes easier to distort and pervert the masculine principle to become aggressive and warring.

I saw Chiron activated around November 3, 2023 with the Blue Flame Melchizedek which contains the human 12D avatar blueprint. Chiron is known to be the healer and thus is healing this Atlantean timeline when Father's Blue Sapphire Rose line was altered. It heals the genetics, and it heals the Atlanteans involved in the genetic engineering if the soul has atoned for this transgression.

Note the face in the pillar on which the large crystal is. The face in it is not something I intended to draw but was there after I drew the pillar. It is very much like a Father Lion.

Father's Blue Sapphire Rose Genetics

2. This blue-pink rose is Father's Blue Sapphire Rose and energetically contains the genes for such. These genes are meant to spiraly intertwine with Mother's Feline genetics which leads to the next image.

Father's Blue Sapphire Sun

3. This image is Father's Blue Sapphire Sun. Father's Blue Sapphire Rose is from this Blue Sapphire Sun. Remember, our genetic blue print is from the Cosmic Father and Mother. They are ONE. The Autists call this ONENESS, PRIME CREATOR represented by the number 2. It is not duality but the ONE that CREATES or births the CHRISTOS-SOPHIA. We are the Christos-Sophia.

Healing the Mu'a Lemurian Genes & People

4. This image is one which came through within the same day as the Chiron Blue Flame Melchizedek image. I kept hearing the word, "Mu" with this image and a man and woman by a lake. When I searched it in the ascension glossary, this is what came up. There had actually been a holocaust of Lemurians to destroy the Mother's feline genetic lineage is my interpretation.

"The first externally spoken dialect of the Elohei's Anuhazi Christos lineage from the Solar Rishi dimensions is also called the Mu'a or Anuhazi Language.

Mu'a and Lemurian Holocaust


Lemurian Holocaust

The Lemurian Holocaust and the Eieyani Massacre in Kauai, and the persecution events near the 12D Stargate of Montsegur, were direct planned assaults upon the matriarchal society and solar feminine Christos-Sophia. Many of the inhabitants were direct descendants of the original seeding of Melchizedek’s, these were female staff holders that were tasked with the important job as Keepers of the Blue Flame and were called Mu’a. These main groups were Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, and they were protectors of the crystalline network of Mother’s Sophianic template and Guardians of the North and South ley lines. Upon the onset of the Lemurian Holocaust, this event opened our Planetary Grid Network to the extremely destructive anti-human agendas of the Draco entity invasion. The Keepers of the Blue Flame and the Mu’a females with original Staff Holder genetic codes underwent a series of genetic digressions, breeding programs and deliberate targeting to destroy the solar female principle, by connecting the female principle and the human Lightbody into the Lunar Matrix. By destroying the Solar Logos architecture and inserting a Lunar Matrix to hold the energetic placement of the planetary female principle, the lunar distortion would prevent the Mother of Dragons and her sophianic template of the Triple Solar Goddess principles from activating in the human DNA."

So what this image is portraying is the healing of this feline genetic line and also the trauma of the holocaust since we also carry the memories of the holocaust in our unconscious memories. Those who've been controlling the planet continue to stimulate these seed memories and fears. Another reason to clear your 12 spheres of the 12 tree grid because you can heal these memories and core fears.

5. The planetoid Chiron image can be used for healing yourself, your ancestral lineage, DNA & RNA, healing in this life, healing of genes from GMO's, and all the garbage thrown at us in all possible ways! This is not to add any fears but knowledge is power! And that we do NOT CONSENT!

It is my understanding that one of the events happening with this 12/26/2023 Full Moon is that Chiron is going direct - to me, this means that Chiron is amplifying its healing transmissions to another level!

I hope this post and message deepens your understanding of who you are!

Love and Honor,

Susan, Samantha, and the Family Team!

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