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Leaving It All Behind

Safe Passage

This is a longer blog than I usually put out to encompass a few different areas and some personal things I'm experiencing to illustrate this idea of ‘leaving it all behind.’ As such, some of it might be triggering for some of you. I offer the information as neutrally as possible and invite you to do the same. The more we can be the witness and observer, the more we can discern what is true for each of us.

The unfolding of this ascension plan continues to surprise me with each phase and step. The year of 2022 is a significant landmark year. The year that marks the significant breakdown of 3D paradigm reality and also the beginning of something new. There are no adequate words to describe all that is transpiring. Over the weekend of September 2, new streams of the Cosmic Mother and her white dragon codes poured through (from my experience, anyway). It feels as though we’re rapidly moving through a gateway or window that physically changes our future trajectory and enables us to experience physical changes which includes density changes.

The first image above is called, ‘Safe Passage’, and depicts this phase of moving through cosmic holy plasma waters, for lack of a better term. This passage is like physically moving from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension (for lack of a better description). It enables us to really connect our soul with the physical body in a way that was not available to us before. These rapid changes will stimulate more confusion in the outer world and unpredictable and odd behaviors. Additionally, I am hearing of more people experiencing psychic attacks in some larger spiritual communities so be careful of ceremonies and large group energy work. One of the ways the satanics and luciferians maintained their control for thousands of years, has been to shut down sensitives and powerful clairvoyants through their own ritual ceremonies. I would even be careful about participating in rituals that are to “block” such rituals as the information may be to divert your attention away from something else underway and draws attention to yourself. This is not to instill fear or paranoia but an observation I’ve witnessed and heard from others. The great white lion and the lioness are protecting us the best they can but it’s important to also use our own judgment. That sudden nudge for you to avoid a certain place, person, or group may be a warning for your best interest. The ‘dark ones’, so to speak, will try to divert you as they know they are losing control over many humans.

And it’s interesting to note that whenever I sit down to draw a lion, he doesn’t come out looking like the ferocious lion image you might see. So, hence, i leave the great white lion in the accompanying image as is. Perhaps we’re leaving behind the old concept of a ferocious lion.

What does it mean to Leave It All Behind?

Samantha, or Sammie, recently said that 99% of everything we’ve known or believed will eventually go away. Now, this will not happen all at once but I know that even our spiritual beliefs and foundational understandings will also undergo transformation. Practices of the past will come up to be nullified. I had such an experience last weekend. Some of you may know, that I was initially “trained” to practice reiki. Reiki, I had learned a few years ago are 10th dimensional energies; I felt this is true. Sammie and I, consequently, had developed a different attunement method whereby the energy symbols would be 12 dimensional. Last weekend of September 3, however, I was guided to delete all the reiki symbols from my body. I realize this is a very sensitive topic, much like the archangels and the flower of life. I am hearing that the reiki attunement puts trackers in our system to track us in the astral planes by archontic controllers, let’s say. I feel neutral about this right now, and I don’t want to dwell on this for this blog post as I know reiki has helped people (myself included in the early years of my awakening), and I leave it to each person. I don’t want to get into whether it’s “good” or “bad” because that polarizes people, and people can become defensive. I'll just say, I’m grateful for my experience with reiki and leave it at that.

For me, it felt like it was/is just part of my entry into the next phase as i pass through these next gates to support the manifestation of a 5D earth. I have primarily been using the new energies I've received but I wondered how I would erase the reiki energy from my body. Interestingly, I got a flood of a download the night before (Sept 2-3).

Mother's White Dragon Codes

I captured the energy of my experience in the accompanying image; Mother’s White Dragon Codes. It came through my body like a heavy rain. A heavy rain of white streaks. The gold codes are a way to capture the additional codes to make it more "user friendly". I could see words like, “White Dragon Codes” and “Elohei” flooding my senses. So, when I asked how I should delete the reiki symbols, the flood of these codes went through me and I could no longer feel the symbols in my hands. BTW, these white dragon codes do much more than that and I know that many others received this download. Additionally, I asked to re-encrypt all past session work with these codes and clear. If your higher self gave the ok, then you received a rapid clearing from me. I also asked that these codes delete anything else from energy work others had done on me that needs to be cleared.

Mother's White Plasma Dragon

I wondered about other symbols I received over the years. Attunements I received from the cosmos such as from

dragons and cosmic goddesses. If you watched our July presentation (now on YT) then you might also remember that I received an attunement of something called the ‘Y-star’ from the primordial galactic suns which has enabled me to support Sammie and open things such as dragon and hragon chakras. That definitely remains and is very prominent in my hands and feet.

The Lyrans are reminding me that the Y-Star attunement was powerful and has affected the energy I transmit when I’ve done sessions or draw. It overrides all other “lower” vibrations. It had to be so, because who on this earth in its phantom matrix condition is free of all distortions and entities? Samantha and I have been particularly enmeshed in our energy fields, and I’m learning, also in karmic overlays. Despite all that, we persevered and rose to the occasion. Our ties served a greater purpose. Samantha and I both use the most expanded and clear aspects of our light bodies which becomes active when are in service to the Creator.

Samantha and I are now in the process of individuating because it simply is time. As we clear our field, inner clarity is building and we can each be our sovereign soul expressions. Recently, I’m learning that our soul contract is our physical expression. In the most optimal scenario, our dna or genes should be activating based on the soul contract or agreement we have with life on this planet in service to the Law of One. As Samantha and I individuate, each of our physical bodies will manifest the expression we each are for this soul contract with life. Ha’Cru, the Lyran further explains,


“You are contracted with life. This means you contract with the earth and all its beings of the earth. Matter is the substance which enables you to be the physical expression, and the Earth Soul knows she is caring for a unique soul coming to express a type of divinity, the Human. The agreement you have is translated by the etheric gene codes that gets translated into matter. You are gifted through the gene codes to express certain attributes, abilities, and gifts. All of the planet and life upon it is a soul and spiritual agreement to support one another. When Humanity truly begins to feel this in the very core depths of the body, you will truly begin the work of eliminating and cleansing the distortions, the miasma, and all the sick rituals that has kept satanic and luciferian consciousness alive. You must know that the human is much more powerful than they and they are afraid you will no longer give them consent for their nefarious deeds. Much has been hidden but now the time is upon you to end the game, end the inner war, and proclaim that which is gifted to you by the Omniversal Creator, the ALL THAT Is.”

The Changing States of Matter

So how do we get ourselves out of this 3D dense matrix? Will our bodies become instant light? I often hoped that we could just say, “poof! get me out of 3D density”, and I would just become a light body but it does not seem to be so. However, we are changing density and this process is unfolding in stages so that we can continue to exist in these bodies. As described in previous posts, we, as soul beings, have the power and the authority to reclaim our power. And this must be so in order to transmute, transduce, and transfigure the distortions that we have experienced. God Source assists us now in ways that’s never been available before.

Last fall, we received a blast from our galactic core which began changes to the proton of our matter states to begin changing our density. Earlier in the spring, the neutron also began changing as well as the electron. Consequently, hydrogen, the very base atom of matter is manifesting as something new. I was shown this vision recently as depicted in the accompanying image.

Hydrogen Atom being "re-encrypted"

I had always wondered why hydrogen does not have a neutron in the nucleus like other atoms. And I was shown a vision by Samantha that something like a neutron with an intention is sent forth by Source which splits into the first electron and proton. I even asked the question to Samantha aloud, "Does God send for the neutron first?" to which she verbally answered, "Ya." This is not proven by science and is energetic information, so I leave it to each of you to discern.

The hydrogen atom, thus, shows the very bare bones foundation of two “forces” which has a positive (proton) and negative (electron) charges which enables matter to exist. These two forces create a dance together which enables us to act as a whole. In this system of a phantom matrix, foundational aspects of the natural movement and expression of these forces relate, has been tampered with thus causing reversal and repelling currents. One such way has been the Nephilim Reversal Grid. It contributed to extreme polarity programs and belief systems such as ‘worthy & unworthy’, ‘superior/inferior’, ‘winners/losers’, and prevented a sense of feeling whole within, without a lot of inner work to balance our systems. It also contributed to patriarchal domination, gender splitting in the sense of men vs. women when really, we all have both aspects. Our electromagnetic systems have also not been functioning properly. It is truly miraculous we can function at all, and I applaud all of us who came this far in the ascension plan and our soul mission.

Getting back to the topic of hydrogen, it feels like hydrogen changing or “re-encrypting” into its ‘clean’ and lighter state facilitates the changing of our density state since hydrogen runs through many of our base molecular structures. It’s in our DNA, RNA, and many other molecular structures such as fats, proteins, glucose, hormones, water… And speaking of water, there is something called heavy hydrogen which has a neutron in the nucleus but I am suspicious of this form of hydrogen as it does not feel organic to our bodies. Heavy hydrogen is known as deuterium. Look at bottled water labels. It's on the market. This is not meant to be ‘scientific’ but consciousness discernment.

The image portrays that both the Father God and Mother Goddess animates the clean hydrogen atom. The intention of “Create more Love” is imprinted into it because the very matter state from which we create is infused with Love. Moreover, it means that all the other elements we’ve known and will know (because new elements will be arising in the future), will be undergoing changes and imprinted with a purpose or intention so to speak. So, it will be like collaborating with the raw materials. Instead of humans bending, heating, freezing elements to make them ‘perform certain functions’, we’ll be first tuning into the element and asking, “how were you created to be used?”. God has our back and we are sent forth to be co-creators and have all the resources we need to sustain a physical incarnation.

Our changing density happens through our connection to our light body. And I learned from a community I belong to that the light body also has a chakra like system comprised of 12 spheres for 12 dimensions - the 12 tree grid, aka, the Tree of Life. The human light body system has also been manipulated and has been on a 10 tree grid, aka, the fallen tree of life. This blog is encompassing a lot of information and so I will just end with a link to the 12 tree grid, Tree of Life. I hope this message is helpful to you as you continue your journey. Remember, take only that which resonates and compost the rest. Reclaiming your power to discern is the most important thing now.

Lastly, for those of you not on social media (FB and Instagram), here's a recent post.

I am the divine Source Container for the light,

Aethers create me,

Sound waves seduce me to this vessel called a body.

The container is blessed,

And transducers all that is of the past.

The weather changes but I do not care,

For the Eternal caresses me with kisses and nourishes my very soul.

I am my true self now.

I can express my divinity to nourish that which is around me.

No bit is left untouched.

No being is left unaffected.

Where we go now is yet to be seen.

But I know I am One with the Light, and the Light is One with me.

I align my thoughts with God thoughts,

And I proclaim my birthright to be my I Am.

No human, entity, or being shall ever break my bond with the Creator again.

I declare, I Am the Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest!

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