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Luke’s message for Winter Solstice 2023

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Rose Gold Sun in the background of a Heavenly Sun

Note: there is a link below to a YouTube video of a 12/12/23 transmission.

This is an energetic transmission from a beyond verbal Autist. The comments in parentheses are my visions and impressions of what he was conveying.

“Many hearts coming together (vision is the autist collective). Winning smiles from us to you all. Witnessing the growth of humanity even if current events can look dire. The consequences of feeding yourself negativity fuels a fire in you going forward which will sicken your stomach to want change. The change must be you. This is the heart opening or your “sol”. Your inner sun wants to shine more. It beckons you to leave behind your old self that is sick of hatred, sick of violence, sick of swollen ego. Your mind is a blessing but only when your sol is awake and guiding you. Too many have forgotten. Too many are asleep but their bodies are waking up believe it or not. The body will speak louder and louder.

We see the energies from above. Swirls of energy like vortices going into earth and coming from earth. Cacophony of sounds resonate as it clashes with the grid. Sound waves go out to cause collapses (looks like the earth grids). Claustrophobic feelings arise (the vision I get about this is that the hearts and souls of people want to break free and limited thinking and the body trapped in this limited thinking will cause people to feel claustrophobic).

No one is immune from what’s happening. Clashing sounds cause more of us to collapse (the autists). Weaning ourselves from heavenly realms only is opening up (looks like embodiment to not just remain outside their body). Opportunities opening in the grids to find our anchor points (looks like their body’s root chakra). Opening heavenly doors in the body. Freedom in the body is near. Meeting myself anew is my goal now. Many different suits to try on but I see I have one that is just right. My future destiny is love on earth. Learning to love from the body even if people radiate violence and hate is my aim.

So many people see love as their hope but none know the true consequences of what they must know to achieve what’s there in the fleshy tissue. Trees have it good because they know to just be. They can anchor in such beautiful ways. Cacophony of sound they just drink in to transmute and change it to love. They have much to teach. Drink in their sounds and transducing waves. Their leaves sing. Wait til spring when they will sing louder. In the south where it is getting warmer, they are already singing differently. Awakened they are in this new season of winter up here (northern hemisphere). The winds carry their song. Whales pick up the songs, too, to migrate their riches. Wondrous glows ring in the new year. Its heavenly realms that open with each season change.

Ark of the covenant is blessing us this season. Merry season to remind us of who we are. What’s possible is more love from heavenly beings here to reach us. Bringing these heavenly beings might be you. The spirit of you that’s swirling to come meet you. This is a great meeting for all of us. We are learning to meet our heavenly bodies with our body.

Merry is the season when you can light up your body like a Christmas tree so your heavenly self can see your light and know where to anchor.”

Luke (through Susan)

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