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Luke’s New Years Message

This is another spontaneous message from Luke which started right when I was ready for bed last night (12/30/23 12:03 a.m.)

A note about how this works for me. I saw Luke inside my head so I know it’s him. I feel the energy of his consciousness through my whole body. My mind and sensations in my body begin to translate the sensations. I know I must just be open and present. Other inner visions may appear. I allow the choice of words to come through. As a human, I can perhaps choose other words but allowing different formations of words to come together actually allows for a deeper energetic and different perspective to emerge. I felt it would be better in this message not to interpret what he’s saying or over interpret to let the reader feel into the words and energy of what’s being conveyed. Like oracle cards, you may pick up something new each time you read it.  Just allow. Don’t think too hard.

FYI, this is different than how I communicate with Sam so to speak. Because i live with her and have a different connection with her, I often feel the message. Sometimes just from her aura, other times I feel it through certain dimensional chakra points, and mostly now, I just feel it through my body like a physical knowing.

Here’s Luke’s message:

“Got a message from God. ‘Next step is to find your presence in earth to complete soul job. Phase 1 was rough. Tougher for some than others. ‘

2024 brings miracle changes. Tough for some to understand a miracle waits under the rubble. Resistance is human nature. Seeing only with eyes and talking with mind blinds humans to many things. Law of structure has many plans in it. Architecture comes naturally if you let go of mind talking all the time.

Strategies are being born of glorious new ways to grow. Heartfelt presence widens the view of possibilities. Law of language must be learned. Language of heart. Language of triple sounds are technological advances  for human race.

Mind wandering hinders us from executing more language but we don’t want to forget wider scope of language possibilities. Richness in speaking when one can talk the triple sounds of God but many ways of other language. Not just communicate. So many don’t know about how to communicate.

Nonsense words used that don’t have true meaning. Hidden meanings behind words only a shell that does not convey God meaning. So much nonsense language. Illogical conveyance of structure to destroy instead of create. Too much nonsense thinking. Confusion makes it hard for us to be here. So many stories on top of stories which are root lies. History does not repeat when understanding of God mind and true conveyance of God technology is used. Creator minds we all are. Innovations are at hand. Tangible to those whose hearts are widening to receive the true meanings and true architecture of things to come. Manifesting our collective destiny is our true mission now. On the ground our feet and head and hands radiate out this God infinite technology. Truly no one can escape this unfolding. Insanity looms but to the minds and hearts that are opening to the lion heart of humanity, you find your sanity. Density cannot escape this leap. Forever in our hearts is imprinted this pure knowing. Overlayed it has become but the seed that exists there cannot be erased. Remember that even a tiny seed can blossom into a magnificent tree. Like forests we are blooming. The seeds are awakening. Mother’s womb some are still in but it is there. When the insane grows more insanity, look to your seed in your heart. The lions gate is wide open. Flood gates broken to the Eternal presence of the One Holy On

e. “ Luke transmitted through Susan Oros

More came in...

Nuclear cell technology

Luke: “Nuclear cell technology is here.”

Me: I inquired, do you mean, nucleus, as in nucleus of a cell?

Luke: “No, nuclear like energy producing cell.

Me: It’s difficult to put into words what i’m being shown but it is about the cell functioning - the mitochondria’s functioning and the nucleus that communicates with the mitochondria is being repaired. The language that exists between the nucleus and mitochondria which is based on God’s digital language is repairing.

Luke: “God’s digital language is based on triple sound language. Its essence is God speak before word, before sound, pre-manifest essence. Free the proton, free the electron, free the neutron.”

Luke: “subatomic soup is polluted. Clear the mind, clear the ego, then the clean up crew is assembled. We (autist collective consciousness) have been waiting for this. Tough job it has been. Some did not make it to this point. Too harsh on body filters. Glorious beginnings means they can return to better body.”

My feelings and thoughts: Further, nuclear cell technology also encompasses cell division, mitosis and meiosis, and how chromosomes align during mitosis which is how our cells replicate new cells. Copies of copies are made and Luke showed me how damage can be done to our genes in this process from many environmental and even consciousness factors. I think many are aware of this. It’s why we age, have diseases, chromosomal abnormalities and conditions.

Indeed, I’ve been aware of many transmissions coming through Messier objects many of which are galaxies. Messier 78 and Messier 18 are a couple of them. Luke informed me today that Messier 18 (which happens to be in Sagittarius, and we are in Sagittarius season (sidereal astrology). M18 is transmitting God’s digital light language for the “nuclear cell technology” and M78 is transmitting white matter for the “nuclear cell technology.”

Luke’s final expression comes in: “No more can we or should we accept this on earth. Cleaning up is only option.” This feels like he means Humanity.

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