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Lunar Eclipse Marks a Shift of the Quantum Field

The upcoming lunar eclipse and full moon on May 15 and May 16, 2022 is activating, for lack of a better term, subatomic changes that will continue to change our inner and outer reality. I noticed the first change taking place some time in the fall of 2021, I believe, when I noticed "vapor" like substances emanating and changing the proton. The proton from my understanding is what gives an atom its mass which is related to density. Since atoms, which is made up of these subatomic particles (proton, electron, and neutron), are considered to be the building blocks of matter in our reality, if these subatomic particles undergoes a change or shift, then our matter states will also change.

Although it feels like we've been slaughtered with cosmic changes, the process has been unfolding one step at a time. These cosmic activations and realignments to the Original Source Creation is, in a sense, what this ascension and evolution is all about. And part of this ascension and evolution is to physically change our density which is a change in the state of matter. I'm not a quantum physicist but since I am comprised of these substances in dense matter and as a cosmic intuitive, these visions and awarenesses are flowing through; especially, living here with Samantha who accesses unimaginable cosmic activity.

So, over the last couple of days, i've been getting this awareness that the upcoming lunar eclipse marks a massive shift in the quantum field. Subsequently, I started feeling the center of our Milky Way galaxy and feeling the neutron as it is undergoing shifts. What does that mean? I'm not exactly sure in scientific or laymen's terms but I asked Samantha what a neutron is.

She said the closest explanation i could understand is that it has the consciousness of balance; a sort of innate "desire" to be balance with the cosmos.

Now I'm asking her what is a proton? "It's a consciousness of presence. Presence of your essence that is stable in a form."

What's an electron? "It's a movement or dance of particular God Source language emanations."

I recommend you don't think too hard about these answers but rather to feel the words. Contemplate what it means to be density. If any of you watched the movie "What the Bleep" several years ago, it gives you that feeling of the quantum field. That what we call atoms and its subatomic particles are not even "solid" but how the electron, proton, and neutron "organize themselves" and create a very, very minuscule field actually gives us this illusion of being dense matter - a solid human that has mass and weight.

With the proton, electron, and now the neutron undergoing changes and their relationship and angle of rotation to one another, we truly begin to change. How will this be noticed? It's unclear but I can say that this continues the process of deep releases in the physical tissues. The energetic patterns of emotions and mental patterns are releasing. It makes people very moody as more "garbage" comes to the surface to be released. I was shown a few months ago that the brain folds also accesses into the quantum field so you may be feeling deep changes, dizziness, mental looping patterns surfacing. Continue to be the witness and notice what's leaving instead of re-attaching yourself to old programs that don't serve you. Be compassionate with yourself and with others.

Ok, I wish I had more "time" to explain what's happening but duty calls! Our next Patreon hang-out meeting for the Cosmic Supporters is on May 17, 2022, 6:30p.m. Pacific Standard Time. For anyone who wants to join and participate in the deeper information and the meditation, please join us.

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