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Mandelbrot Fractal Dissolution

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache. Pressure in the top of my head pushing down. I got so nauseous I had to run to the bathroom. I was having visions with the word, “Mandelbrot” and Samantha showing me a vision of this pattern on the right and a new one branching off to the left. Like some of you, I’ve heard of the Mandelbrot fractal pattern that infinitely spirals out and within. My general understanding is that there are underlying mathematic formulas or equations that described the underlying chaos which organizes into fractal patterns. I’m explaining using my own energetic understanding.

It says that God’s Language through Mathematics guides the myriad dynamic energetic forces which creates our reality. It’s the foundation to bring together sound, light, tachyons, and a myriad of other codes underlying our reality to create this holographic reality. Samantha is showing me that the Mandelbrot Mathematic language is dissolving and the new Mathematic Laws or God’s Language through Mathematics is engaging.

The image below is a quick and simple drawing of my vision. The significant part of this vision in the message I received is that the Mandelbrot fractal pattern enabled history to repeat itself in patterns and themes. A new Mathematic Law means that history cannot repeat itself in the themes and patterns we’ve known.

I would say (as others are noting) that the chaos we’re witnessing in the outer world is an attempt for global control by means of controlling humans mind, body, and soul. It is history repeating itself through divide and conquer methods, and the price of noncompliance means ostracism, ejection from society, and even now introducing steps of force to comply. “Waxed” vs “unwaxed”. The “unwaxed” are a threat and need to be eliminated. Does this sound like BS? Just look at social media platforms and how many people are saying that the “unwaxed” should not get medical treatment and should die should they get the deadly V. The “unwaxed” are being blamed for keeping the V alive. This was a very effective tool used by Hitler. You can checkout history sites of how Hitler came to power and how a nation could turn on people within its own population.

Last week on the 9-9, we posted a vlog about the galactic core activation and how the proton is undergoing significant re-genesis. Following on the heals of this activation, God’s new Mathematic Laws are activating which essentially makes the “repeat history” null. I don’t know how it will play out or how crazy things will get, but the attempt at global dictatorship will fail. Does this sound like a conspiracy theory? I think the answer is in the outer landscape.

The Autist Collective recently said to not make any predictions about the individual outcomes about the “waxed” and “unwaxed”. Meaning, there are predictions that millions who don’t get the “wax” will die of the V and others are saying millions who get the “wax” will die. At this point, with what’s happening at the atomic level, healing will become more readily available. Our souls are connecting to the body in unprecedented ways. Those of us who remain heart centered and are allowing the deeper connections with soul to be the guiding force, will manifest very surprising outcomes. Our souls are in charge and if you’re meant to be here, your soul will guide you to what you need.

Peace to you all. Stay safe and centered.

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