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Peace, a Cosmic Perspective

The image portrays17D Peace Codes from Samantha. The words below flowed through a few days ago. It was posted on social media and placed here for those who do not use social media.

Peace is a state of joy in stillness.

Peace is the inner knowing of who you are.

Peace is not the absence of war but the beingness and comfort in just being.

It is the knowing of your eternal nature.

It is the harmonizing with ALL.

Peace brings justice to a closing for all things return to balance and wholeness.

The Oneness of Peace is clarity in action.

It is not stifling the inner power for true power lies in the knowing of your power.

Peace is never ending love that flows through every breath.

Peace is action and inaction for it is in the in between space that the Alpha&Omega exist.

You have not known true Peace for much has been distorted in your world.

Peace is not just laying down of weapons but the dissolution of the weapons.

Peace is not compromising because true peace flowers the essence of all to be as they are.

Peace is harmonizing with the Cosmos at the macro and micro levels.

Peace lives to be expressed as power in gentle action.

It invites you, not to give up your power, but to express it with Love infused Omnipresence.

Peace… remake your world so you can see, touch, taste, hear, and feel it in every particle of your being.

I am Peace. You are Peace. The very Earth expresses Peace. —Sammie through Susan

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