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Resurrection of the Human Oversoul

This image was captured in mid March. The cloud formation actually looked like a massive phoenix rising out of the ashes (the sunset); the photo was enhanced for effect.

What is an Oversoul and what does it mean for the Oversoul to be resurrected?

Consider that the human being as we've known it, has been operating as a 3D ego. It's been an era of the self and the physical body. This 3D ego self has identified as a physical human body and derived its identify from the outer world. Physical safety and ego gratification were the primary concern. The lower three chakras (the root, sacral, and solar plexus) have been the driving energy centers to walk on the earth. Consequently, accessing the spiritual nature of the human as a soul (heart, throat, and third eye chakras) took effort to access.

In the last 20-30 years, and especially, these last 10 years, more people have been awakening to the level of their soul. Many of you reading this have been on this soul awakening.

A soul life drives us to go inward and reflect on who we truly are. When we begin to access the heart, our soul, we access the deeper connection to the true Source. Self love came to the forefront and many of us have been doing our inner work to clear out and reconcile what did not support this inner state of being. We must embrace our uniqueness and love ourselves for who we came to be. If the One Creator Source created us to be just as we are, then how can we not love ourselves. We discovered that to do otherwise, is actually denying the gift that Source created us to be.

In the old paradigm, we were taught that loving ourselves is arrogant. As a 3D human, we were in a constant inner battle to find balance and inner peace. This inner battle often caused some to feel unworthy while others puffed themselves up to feel superior. Many of us have done the inner dance of both to feel worthless one minute and then run mental scripts to counteract that feeling of worthlessness. We have had this belief that we're probably the only ones who have felt this way. The truth is, however, that there has been a dominating consciousness on the planet which has been vibrating in the 1st to 3rd dimensional consciousness. And, we have been running similar mental and emotional patterns across the globe. Perhaps to varying degrees depending on the culture but the consciousness of domination has been prevalent.

The vibration of the planet has changed drastically in the last decade and significantly these last 3 years in particular due to these Autists of the 7 Higher Heavens. Many of us have been pushed to examine ourselves and look at our mental and emotional programs. We have been working through our shadows and dismantling, clearing, disintegrating old programs over and over (it feels like, anyway). It may feel like a never-ending process but we are actually making progress. There are many who still seem to be asleep and trying to maintain status quo, but there are also more people living in heart centeredness and compassion. New ideas and inventions are propagating. The internet and social media platforms are flooded with spiritual information, soul guides, meditations... many are feeling it in their unique ways as a soul.

The novel corona virus is currently causing disruptions to many of our systems. It is, however, actually bringing a sense of global unity. It may not appear that way depending on what news coverage you read or watch but it is focusing our eyes on how we are interconnected. This is the nature of collective consciousness and what the Oversoul Matrix consciousness is all about.

It stimulates us to look at ourselves as individual human souls but in connection and in relation to the One Collective Soul. Look at it this way: if you look at the human being, there are characteristics that make us human. The human blueprint is not a dog, or whale, a tree, or even a chimpanzee even though we share many of the same DNA. There is one Human Soul or Oversoul which is like the instruction set for the human template and we are each a part of that one template. Our individual uniqueness comes from our individual soul matrix that has been inspired by the breath. We are each unique soul expressions as physical humans to add to that wholeness. We each still have a unique God Source connection through our heart chakras but we are here to express our gifts to add to the whole of humanity. This is what the Resurrection of the One Human Oversoul is about.

This crystalline matrix as represented by the crystalline star icosahedron has been planted into the 8th dimensional earth and it is now vibrating this consciousness. As individuals, we access the Oversoul through our 7th, 8th, and 9th chakras or energy centers. This translates to crown, 7th chakra, high heart or thymic chakra, 8th chakra, and the medulla oblongata, 9th chakra. In order to transcend our third dimensional consciousness reality, we will and are being stimulated to act as a collective. It is only as a collective consciousness that we will get through the potential pitfalls of what this corona virus is doing. And yes, there are many who are still trying to reboot the old systemic programs, but more unexpected outcomes will manifest. The now active Crystalline Oversoul Matrix acts like a vibrational web that will continuously bring us towards the collective. It may not be pretty at times, but keep in mind that this is the new alignment that we as a humanity are being pulled into.

As the Autists have said, this decade has other surprises but as we move through them as a collective, we will collectively build new foundations that is balanced and offers abundance for all. Thank you to each of you for being here and for playing your part. We each matter and bring the new into "matter".

This image shows that we are individual human souls that comes from the one Human Oversoul. The 12 tribes of humanity comes from Tara where the original human had been seeded. More on this in the future.

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