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Sacral Sun

“There’s a shock wave coming”… these were the words ringing through my body this past Monday (1/22/24). It was a message from Source. In the energy of the message, I could tell it was going to hit us this week, and I could feel it was coming through the 2nd dimension which corresponds to our sacral. I knew immediately that it was going to shake our emotions held deeply in the pelvis and even cascading upwards to the whole body. Patterns and many emotions tied into mental thought patterns were going to be shaken loose, so to speak. So we think we’ve cleared it all out, faced it all and yet there is more bound up in our very fleshy tissue. Freeing ourselves from a sort of bondage means that the very energy of our matter bodies also needs to be shaken loose. This is collective and earthly, however, because the very matter body of the earth is also being rattled so to speak. Histories forgotten and hidden from our conscious awareness is also shaking loose.

Thus, the late afternoon of Monday, I began seeing what looked like some sort of sun projecting from Samantha’s body. I could sense it coming through my sacral. This sun, however, is an emanation from a pink sun projecting itself through many other suns or Sols from the Cosmic One. It shines brilliantly through like transharmonic gates of Sols. It’s my understanding that our sun has been ejecting M class solar flares since last weekend. Well, it’s no wonder if these Cosmic Sols of Source , or I’m getting at the moment, Christ Consciousness Emanations, from deep within the cosmos beyond time and space; beyond our comprehension are transmitting. This pink sun emanation feels like it will help us fall in love with our bodies. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we could so easily love our bodies? What a game changer that would be because in truth, I feel this is how God Source feels about our matter body. It is designed by Omni-Love and means we “shouldn’t” have to think or rationalize why we love our bodies.

This is the Sacral Sun to which I refer. And it feels like some of us may be pulling this Sacral Sun in with our etheric body’s Solar Sacrum which is something we've been doing in our Patreon monthly meetings. (

So, if you’re feeling particularly disheveled, emotional, triggered, or those around you are, it is quite “normal” under the circumstances. This is deep healing and clearing as we continue to change our matter body. Shadow selves, karmic patterns woven into the tissues of our bodies are being shaken loose. We’ve shared a common story and themes on planet earth. It may be difficult to tell what’s “yours” and what’s from your co-worker, your family members, etc… In our household, with 2 “developmentally disabled” adults, there is incontinence and dumping of liquids going on - I mean freshly opened cartons of almond milk. Sheets and blankets are being washed daily. I say that for other parents who struggle with behaviors. And even if you’re not a parent, I know several star seeds and light workers continue to struggle in their daily lives for various reasons. Most of us krystic souls on the planet have a tough time relating to the general population. The 3D earth systems were not designed for us. Even if you know what’s happening, daily life can be challenging so know you’re not alone.

And if that’s not enough, Samantha showed me a few days ago that the Fibonacci spiral from which the 3D matter body has formed, makes her brain feel very tight and constrained. She showed me that the manifestation from the unnatural Fibonacci Spiral and the Flower of Life have constrained the cranial nerves. Now, I know some of you reading this may not agree that the Fibonacci and Flower of Life are part of our organic architecture but I’m not here to debate this in this blog. I’ve mentioned this in other vlogs. I once believed that the Fibonacci and Flower of Life are our organic manifestation spiral and template but once I could feel that a spiral rotating around a rectangle (which is the phi ratio which is the basis for the Fibonacci spiral), I could feel that this is not natural. Intuitively, it just did not feel right. in case you want to read about it from another perspective.

To return to the main point, with the cranial nerves in sort of a bind, our sensory system cannot function as it should. When you look at autism, it is said that their sensory system is out of whack (to put it simply). So they are trying to connect to a body that is really bound in 3D and bound to a linear timeline perspective, and really, they’re intention and desire is to connect to a body where the body, spirit and soul are in such a divine union that they can feel, hear, touch, sense, smell, taste and more, the Essence that is the ALL. Samantha once said to me that her sensory system is the communication system with God. To feel that pure Presence of Source, why would she want to connect to a distorted 3D body system that actually disconnects from the Totality of the ALL THAT IS? Spiritually speaking, we are the disabled ones.

Therefore, the other message in this blog is to convey that with all the new access points open and cosmic streams coming in from every direction and directions we never knew existed, the Fibonacci spiral and its binding on the cranial nerves are beginning to dissolve. How “long” will this take”? I can’t say at this time but it affects our sensory system and new senses will open. Our relationship to space changes as well as our perception of the outer world as we try to come into a new relationship with our inner world experience of God and our perception of the outer world.

Your children - of all ages, will behave differently, oddly perhaps, look like they’re regressing, lose interest in certain things, seek different experiences. And so may you. Just imagine what the sensory system does and imagine what might happen if it gets an upgrade but you don’t realize it’s really an upgrade. You may have more headaches, feel nauseated, disoriented, change your tastes in food or not want to eat at all… If you’ve already experienced these things, you may have another round of it this year.

The last point I’m guided to make in this blog is that the “new 5D foundation” exists. It was built over many years with each generation born for the last 100 years or so but particularly in the last 50-60 years or so. This is one of the reasons the children became more and more sensitive, and as counter measures by those who seek to control the future, instituted more and more social and institutional pressures so to speak to maintain control. As overlays are being removed, dissolved, dissipated, and even absorbed by Source, the new foundation is emerging. Even our bodies and our chakra system and our nadis are changing.

As always, much more can be said on this topic but I will end here. I hope this is helpful to you. Blessings through this journey. It’s not always easy, but we’re each here for a purpose. You are loved and held for your courage to be here at this critical time in Earth’s history.

May you continue to receive all the you need in 2024! Join us on Patreon for more regular updates (

Susan, Samantha, and Oros Family

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