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Saturn goes direct & stimulates forward momentum

Saturn undergoing transformation

Titan, Saturn's largest moon

Iapetus, another of Saturn's moons

There is much happening in our solar system which is affecting our physical form and the influence they are having on us. All the cosmic streams we've been receiving for the last several years are impacting us very physically and the matter realms. The planetary influences are but one of the many changes which is affecting all aspects of our reality; the physical, the soul, the light body, our spirit... etc...

These are 3 of the images i’ve been working on over the last 3 weeks or so (amongst others). They are energetic so don’t look like the planets or moons that we’re accustomed to seeing. Rather they are depictions of the energy at higher dimensions and within the matter of the form we see as 3D.

It’s my limited understanding from this free astrology course I took from Isaac Rodriguez that the mythology of Saturn is that it is time; aka, Chronos. Has it been transmitting linear 3D time? I feel a ‘yes’ at the moment but much more. Saturn is the 2nd largest planet in our solar system and its energy is, thus, powerful. Here's some more info from the ascension glossary,

As I was looking at certain planets and their moons, Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, also stood out for me, and also Iapetus. Having been born Capricorn in the Tropical astrology system, it felt like Titan had a rigid kind of control over my thinking. Now, I’m not giving away my sense of responsibility and that I have the power over my thought patterns, but it certainly has made it easier for me since I recognized the influence of Titan. Much is changing now in the solar system.

It feels to me like the solar eclipse in Virgo on October 14 was a significant break through. For several years, the transmissions coming through have been very cosmic, and now, it is very much affecting our local realm - the planets and the earth - and not just in macro ways but at very microcosmic, quantum, and fractal ways. Thus, it feels easier to break free of much of the distortions if we apply a little effort and witness with as much neutrality as possible in each moment.

Getting back to Saturn, if in fact Saturn has been transmitting a rigid sort of linear time, and now is being deeply influenced by the Sophia consciousness, then going direct is like a jump in the timelines of 3D loops. And with Titan and Iapetus undergoing deep transmission adjustments, it feels like we can truly dissipate the old programming. After drawing Titan and Iapetus, it felt like a coherence developing between the mind and the high heart. Will everyone feel this? Perhaps not but we’ve gotten to the point where each of us are responsible for ourselves first and the more we can reconcile within ourselves, the more the old dissolves.

Saturn going direct now feels like the momentum we needed. All the inner work we’ve done is not lost but now coming together. It feels to me like we’re popping our heads out of a womb, and in the coming months we’ll be learning to navigate as more is revealed and more is dissolved. We still have other upcoming turning points such as the winter solstice when the sun hits the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere. It’s also my understanding that Venus has entered Virgo and will be transiting through Virgo for about 5 or 6 weeks, i believe. As I write this, it feels like deep wounds of the feminine and masculine may arise. Note that one of the games being played out on earth has been to split the feminine and masculine. Masculine and feminine are really One like the Father and the Mother. When the Mother was distorted and misogyny overlayed, it’s easy to then pervert the masculine into an aggressive warring masculine. Just an FYI, I think, to notice what may arise and stay in loving neutrality as best you can, and learn to release appropriately.

One last comment: I am not an astrologer but very interested in how the energetic changes happening to the planets will evolve the astrological interpretations.

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