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Sirius B Transmission of the 7/7/7!

Blue Rose of Transformation

We have entered the Sirian gateway which happens twice a year. The first one happens in early Jan and the second one from 7/2-7/7. This upcoming 7/7/2023 is a 7/7/7. When I tuned in yesterday, I was shown it is bridging or aligning and connecting the 7 Higher Heavens (HH), the 7 lower heavens (our realm), and the 7 micro heavens.

The 7 micro heavens are like "micro universes" of God's consciousness units. The autists showed me in 2019 that this is what "feeds" the quantum field. In the last days of June, I felt another shift. I experienced it suddenly walking in a whole new space. In this state, I saw the same 3D outer world but I felt like I was walking somewhere else. What arose within me, said that we shifted our location in the quantum field. I know many of you reading feel it in a different way.

We have a location so to speak in the cosmos which is macro and micro. The physical body and physical reality manifests out of the substances of what we call the quantum field. It's obviously more complex than this but I'm describing in the simplest language I can.

Its been very intense, I know, for several months now or years, but in a sense the Cosmos or Source has actually been adjusting us in phases. So, we've shifted positions so to speak on a macro level but now shifted on the micro or quantum level. This facilitates deeper union of body, soul, and spirit - embodiment at a quantum macro and micro level, so to speak.

Copper&Rose Gold Rose

The upcoming 7/7/7 is aligning all of these positional shifts and it is impacting our physical bodies because now we are getting down to the real physical changes for which we've been waiting. There will be more 3D phantom matrix constructs "falling" over the next couple of years in particular but this next activation is another pivotal step. My sense is that we will continue to adjust and realign. And, as a side note, the September 9, 2025, a 9/9/9, will be significant. It feels like a completion - a completion of connecting with the 9 original cosmic bodies of Source before any distortions or fallen matrices existed. These 9 cosmic bodies are like omniverses, and we began to really connect to these cosmic bodies when the 9 omniversal beings showed up here towards the end of 2021. Each one of them is like a representative of the 9 original Source Cosmic Bodies.


9 Omniversal Beings watch the YouTube Video

Lastly, I'm just going to share quickly, that this past week, Samantha guided me to take a closer look at cryptocurrency and block chain technology which is rising as the Web3 platform which actually supports our sovereignty. Samantha and the autists have transmitted to me that cryptocurrency is the future but we will be directing it to manifest in alignment with 5D consciousness. I didn't know how this would be accomplished but I'm seeing that we, as a collective humanity who have chosen to co-create the new earth, will be the ones creating the new financial system and how the new currency will be backed by something in the physical. It is incumbent upon us to do this, otherwise, the "pinheads" of the world will impose upon us their system. I'm on a fast track to learning this at the moment but I leave with this last paragraph so that those of you reading, can ask yourself what is hype and misinformation even in the crypto world, Because as many of you reading this may know, there are serious efforts being made to confuse us about every topic possible including what cryptocurrency is from all sides. Samantha showed me that Cosmic Christ Consciousness streams are coming in to strengthen the global block chain network which actually was born out of Bitcoin and then took off with the technology built by Etherium.

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