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This is a quick post to share with our subscribers some recent posts that were shared on Facebook and Instagram. I know not all our subscribers use Facebook and Instagram. I understand the concerns. After the US President made his speech on September 9, 2021, it lit a fire under me and I decided to jump into the conversation in my own way. I created some visual digital art to convey messages energetically. This is just a few of the images. You are welcome to share them if you'd like.

I trust you are all hanging in there under the circumstances. It's been very intense for us at our home. There's a never ending stream of new "stuff" from the cosmos. This week I've been experiencing these 9 beings from our future. They are like Samantha's new council but here for us all. I'm "told" they are "anchored" at about 80 million years from our current time matrix future - that's the closest explanation I have at this time. They'll be activated on or around the 11/11 of this year. Stay tuned.

I've taken to sharing on my personal Instagram page: @susan.m.oros. I'm not on Twitter for the sake of time management.

Here are several of the images I've recently shared in no particular order.

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