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The Founder Races and the Human Genome

There is talk in the "ascension community" about the human genome and the hybrid star seeds currently here for the ascension. I often wondered why is it ok to be a hybrid at that level and what's different about the genetic manipulation agenda on the planet? And who are these founder races from the 15th dimension that gave their etheric DNA to create the human avatar blueprint?

First, let me just say that the image above is the called the Cradle of Lyra which exists in the 10th, 11th, and 12th dimensions (or 4th Harmonic Universe). The founder races "placed" the human avatar blueprint into the Cradle of Lyra and as we "move" down in frequency (12D to 1D for the sake of simplicity), we become a vibrational dense human; the illusion of being solid.

I had actually drawn this image in May of 2020 along with this Lyran from the God worlds:

It was one of the most amazing experiences I had ever had. It was Mother Day's in the US and I could not get out of bed. I lay there for most of the day in a half awake state. I suddenly saw this golden Lyran standing above my head in sheer golden shimmer with a beautifully golden embroidered outfit and brownish-copper boots. I saw him kneel down and he removed some implants from my brainstem. Suddenly, I felt myself traveling through a vortex or tunnel and came out and saw the Cradle of Lyra like the image above. I felt I had seen it with my own eyes as I felt completely awake. It was consequently easy to do the drawings. Afterwards, I was told that I had teleported to the constellation Cygnus where there is an ancient portal that had been closed off and I traveled through that portal to see the Cradle of Lyra.

This is something I had not shared in the past but feel I can share now because our genes are being activated and upgraded for the continued evolution and ascension of all of the earth. Here is another Lyran drawn several months ago:

I was guided to name her Elianagorou. She is a fertility goddess and is replenishing the life force energy of the entire planet. Her energy is that of copper which transmits life force energy. The Lyrans are among my most cherished drawings.

There are other founders who contributed there etheric genes to the human race and are becoming easier to "access". I am now understanding what it means to have given their etheric genes to the avatar human blueprint.

Imagine for a moment that Creation has gone through many cycles before even the construct of time. In my awareness, this means through zero point, there were many Alpha and Omega cycles of the All That Is and these cycles imprint into the cosmos. These vast founder beings in the God Worlds embody this information of the Alpha and Omega cycles, and to be an Avatar Human, that is God made flesh, means that we are imprinted through our genes, the various awarenesses of creation. Now, obviously, one human cannot be the All expression but we each hold various strands of information through our genes.

The 3D consciousness humans playing with DNA and RNA do not understand the fullness of human avatar genetic information and its place in the Cosmos, and consequently, manipulating the genes such that it does not connect the human, and plants and animals, for that matter, with the cosmic information of creation. We share genes with plants and animals for a reason and it is this wholeness with the planetary consciousness that will assist us in evolving out of 3D consciousness.

Gene editing technology is upon us and already being used through mRNA injections. Humanity will be seduced and is being seduced into thinking that 3D science is capable of creating that perfect baby with only the most desirable traits and that genetic defects will be eliminated.

Consider that birth defects and genetic anomalies have been created due to inverted and distorted technologies that pollutes and damages the organic life force currents on the planet. It is incumbent on us to wake up to the agenda being spread. We are pumped with toxins and pesticides at all levels. Let that sink in because the same platform of consciousness which created these problems cannot get us out of it; I think it was Einstein who said something like this. We cannot save the planet by eliminating half the population because we pollute or by eating less meat. It's by allowing us to correct our genes, become less dense, and co-create clean technologies that will save the planet and the human race. The Creator is gifting us with Creation technologies to accomplish this.

To close, I'm sharing images of another Founder with DNA activations:

I call him YanaRana and I encountered him in 2020 but he has become more present now. I gave him grass to stand on and leaves in the background to enable him to be more "available" in our physical reality. See below for another version which has more activations and corrections of epigenetic material.

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2 Kommentare

Susan Oros
Susan Oros
21. Dez. 2021

I’m glad they resonate for you. 😊

Gefällt mir

The YanaRana is a very striking figure. His face has something of a lion‘s face especially the nose, with very penetrating eyes like a keen intelligence and sense of purpose. Love the multicoloured coats on him.

very beautiful Lyran Faces, love the softness of them while very authentic Self.

Gefällt mir
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