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The Future Is Here; Equinox, Solar Eclipse, & Christ Consciousness

The Future is Here

This blog post consists of some recent social media posts and images. Consequently, it may seem a bit choppy, but I wanted to get the message out. Things are happening so fast it’s like trying to hold a moving target to write a coherent message.

Those of you reading this message are feeling it and can’t ignore the exponential acceleration of multidimensional changes that’s taking place. The clearings are quickening and it feels like a volcanic eruption is building. The inner self is melting away and there’s a sense of just wanting to catapult forward.

The first image above was drawn on 3-22-2023 around the Spring equinox. The mountainous rocks represents the future timeline grounding like a thud. It’s a bright future with many potentials. Potentials in this instance means it is up to us to open the treasures, and so, it exists as potentials in the physical for us to manifest. Simultaneously, the word, “potential” is inadequate to describe what is with certainty, underway. What we call the ‘future’ exists in the simultaneous time framework and is birthing through us.

In this drawing, I was guided to draw those cave like openings into the mountains because it represents going within. It’s the energetic interaction of the physical human with our core soul and spirit which we access from within us which manifests the changes. Simultaneously, it also means that these treasures are imbedded into the multidimensional earth. Because in the physical, we manifest with the Earth, we must also be in total union with the earth to co-create something new.

The inner earth is also undergoing energetic activations and re-genesis. It encompasses the physical earth - the waters, the crystals, the microbial life, etc…There’s been an exponential acceleration with the spring equinox activation. The Earth in her multidimensional glory of spirit and soul is also undergoing inner transformation. She manifests these treasures within her being as gems and crystals.

The rabbit in the image symbolizes the multiplication process of Christ Consciousness birthing and birthing with each iteration. Also, the rabbit is like the newly awakening or all of us falling deeper into the rabbit hole of a completely new consciousness. Our limited 3D thinking and systems is crumbling.

The Solar Eclipse Portal of 4-20-23

Collective Consciousness Rising based on Christ Consciousness

Since the spring equinox, even more cosmic and galactic transmissions have occurred. These transmissions are impacting the cosmos and the galaxy but particularly focused on earth and humans because of our unique God Source blueprint and mission we have as a humanity. Many of you are feeling and reeling from the solar eclipse of April 19/20 that just occurred.

To me, it felt like we definitely went through a portal and jumped timelines. The first image, in fact, is a portal. Using the language of dimensions, it’s like we jumped to a higher level of physical 4D and just at the interdimensional field of 4D/5D if you can imagine. We are in 5D consciousness but making physical adaptations so our physical aspects can come into alignment with a 5D consciousness platform.

Additionally, it feels like we were moved out of the unnatural effects of gravitrons (*Note: this word is gravi-tron not to be confused with gravi-ton which is a theoretical particle) which distorted our connection to the sun and artificially kept us in a very dense physical form. Being released from unnatural gravitrons is effecting the magnetics of the earth and how the electric and magnetic currents actually function in the physical body. This correction is shifting how the interdimensional currents interact and flow through the body. The 3D fallen matrix is or was made up of many layers of multidimensional “devices” distorting our connection to earth, our sun, and how the electric and magnetic currents run through our body. The Reversal Networks has been another distorted multidimensional technology keeping us from operating in wholeness and making it difficult to clear out mental and emotional blocks.

In order to get some innerstanding of what I’m talking about, it’s important to shift our perception of dimensions existing outside of us. It’s been known amongst some spiritual guides that our chakra system actually connects into dimensions. This perspective enables us to feel that our soul and spirit exists in every dimension of this Universal Time Matrix. In this system, 1D - root, 2D - sacral, 3D - solar plexus, 4D - heart, 5D - throat, 6D - third eye, 7D - crown, 8D - high heart (or universal heart), 9D - brain stem/medulla oblongata, 10D - about 8 inches above head, 11D - about 18 inches above head, and 12D - Earth star about 8 inches below the feet. Note that chakras 8 and 9 are also “in the body”.

*Note: Samantha has had us move to an 18 dimensional chakra system, but for this blog, i'm only describing the 12D system.

I know not everyone uses this system but for me it helped shift my perception of myself as a spiritual and soul being. I can track the flows of multidimensional and interdimensional energetic currents through the body from this perspective, and it puts into perspective the multidimensional adjustments currently underway. Also, it describes why emotional blocks have remained stuck in the body causing disease. If we’ve only been aware of chakras 1-7 and mainly focused on 1-3rd dimensions (3D), the human remains blind in a sense of what’s going on all around them. Layers of multidimensional distorted and quite nefarious technology also created our human design to function sub optimally.

By looking at our physical bodies from this perspective, we can more fully appreciate the intensity the physical body is undergoing. All matter is and will be expressing, emanating, and experiencing Christ Consciousness. Christ Consciousness is the base consciousness of the planet.

Golden Orb of Christ Consciousness dropped into planet


Recently, Samantha said, “Christ consciousness is now the base consciousness of the planet. Christ Consciousness is not about worshiping a man but rather the spiritual essence and frequencies of the tri-wave, the balance of polarity, soul living, and compassion. Polarity enables physical matter to exist (electric & magnetic) but not meant for concepts such as superior/inferior, victim/victimizer, hoarding/entitlement, worthy/unworthy, etc… these concepts and beliefs created many negative emotional states. How can some experience such vast wealth while others are starving? I know, some of you will say the earth is a school of duality to learn. I’m not buying it. As expressions of God, we don’t need harsh lessons of torture, rape, starvation, etc… the physical body and the base collective consciousness is rapidly now shifting to this new foundation. Systems based on extreme duality and polarity are falling apart and will continue to do so. Thus we can co-create new systems based on Christ consciousness.

Christ Consciousness Blooms Everywhere

CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS BLOOMS everywhere. The blending of frequencies through Interdimensional weaving is stimulating all matter to blossom into ever grander expressions. Christ consciousness is more than a spiritual concept that’s “out there” or in the heart but a physical palpable expression of Source Expression. It is the true unification of what we call charges of “positive and negative”. In a meeting yesterday, someone said that the word ‘matter’ derived from the word ‘materia’ which comes from ‘mater’ or mother. Since the last equinox and solar eclipse, it’s like we went through a portal which released us from another 3D “harnessing system” of “gravi-trons”.

Since this release, Cosmic Mothers true magnetic power is able to function correctly and aligning all physical matter to flow properly. This includes the interdimensional flows of the 12 dimensional system. We access Cosmic Mother through the 13th chakra or 13D in the center of the earth. We share this chakra with the earth. Samantha told me many years ago that the Interdimensional spaces are not linear meaning it’s not jus 5D to 6D but in the weaving of frequencies from each dimension, a 5D fractal space could be right next to a 7 or 9D space. Thus, I’m feeling new connections of brainstem (9D chakra) and throat (5D chakra). We’re in and part of the dimensionalized field. Not separate from it. It’s not “out there”. The image depicts the blending and consequent blending of frequencies as Christ Consciousness blooms in all matter of our life-including the body. Nothing can stop this Sacred Union of Spirit and Mater. Samantha has been waiting to embody when this happens

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