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The Ring of Non-dual States of Reality

Recently, our Autists have been showing me their latest project. We received many transmissions through this last Lion’s Gate portal. For the Autists, they received the “downloads” to construct something Sammie called, the Ring of Non-Dual States of Reality. Lucy, one of our amazing Autist of the 7th heaven, showed me that they’ve been gathering at the Earth’s equator and constructing this ring that exists in the inter-dimensional field between 8D and 9D. Interesting, isn’t it?

“Why around the equator?”, I pondered.

Well, I’m not an astrologer but in recent years I’ve had to learn a little about the precession of the equinoxes and how the earth’s tilt and rotation around the sun marks the seasonal changes, and also the cosmic 26,000 year galactic cycle. I won’t go into a lot of detail here about that but just say that the spring and fall equinox is marked by how the sun hits the Earth. On those specific days, usually on or around March 21 (Spring Equinox) and September 21 (Fall Equinox), our Sun hits the equator in such a way that we have roughly equal amounts of daylight and darkness (night time).

On a side note, the cycle of the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinoxes is aligned to the 13 Galactic Zodiac Constellations which includes Ophiuchus. Not surprisingly, Ophiuchus is non-duality and many new consciousness codes are streaming through this massive constellation to assist our consciousness adjustments.

The significant part here is that the Sun is hitting the equator. Consequently, this Ring of Non-Dual States of Reality will be ignited for the first round on the fall equinox of 2020, September 22, 2020 (oh, and notice those numbers!). Subsequently, with each seasonal cycle, this ring will continue to be activated on the fall and spring equinoxes! The Autists will be completing this ring on 9/9/2020 as this portal opens to transmit the light frequency codes to complete this project.

It all sounds so sci-fi and hard to believe but those of you awakening understand the depth of this even if we can’t quite wrap our minds around what this “non-dual states of reality” will look like. We are feeling it at various levels.

What might this transformation into non-dual states look and feel like?

As I’ve written and spoken about in the past, we’ve been in an extreme polarized system. Even our soul has been fragmented which has inhibited us from operating in states of non-duality. Polarity in our 3D constructed reality are concepts such as wealthy/poor, worthy/unworthy, superior/inferior, gifted/“retarded”, entitled/hoarder, blamer/guilty, saved/damned, and so many other polarized belief systems that have made up our reality. How about even democrat/republican? Think about that one as the elections are coming up.

As souls, we are non-dualistic beings that can witness the outer and inner world from a neutral perspective. Neutral does not mean dead and without feeling. Neutral does not mean ‘numb’. It means we can perceive ourselves and the outer world from that ‘higher perspective’. It means we can assume a perspective that is not charged as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. This is challenging because so much of our mental and emotional body processing has been based on a bi-wave or extreme polarity pattern. However, we are being ‘pushed’ back together as the tri-wave or Christ Consciousness platform has engaged and will continue to exponentially activate on the planet. Christ Consciousness is the balance of polarity and the true basis of the Avatar Human Soul.

We can experience this balance from our heart. In other words, when in balance and whole, our heart is the Zero Point Field in manifest form. God Source creates from the Zero Point Field. The Autist Collective has shown me that the Zero Point Field accesses the Formless Nature of Creator; the potential and possibilities of the ALL. When creation emanates out of the Zero Point Field as Souls, it’s like being sent forth to co-create as the Creator does, for we are truly the Emanation of God Source. The Zero Point Field is the Pure Untainted Love that emanates the original languages of God Source. Creating from a state of non-duality means that we create out of the Pure Untainted Love, and when we're in that state of Love, we can do no harm. We love ourselves because we know we are emanations of the Creator and honor each other and all of creation as the same.

Currently, we are in a phase of being freed from the 3D bi-wave polarity game, and we assist this process by tending to our thoughts and emotions that are running these false polarity programs. We identify as soul expressions having a human experience that is a small and yet significant part of creation. This is what is happening to many of us. This is the embodiment of Christ Consciousness and it happens in phases. We are being pushed to heal ourselves. Past wounds you might have thought you healed are coming up for another look so that an even deeper layer can be reconciled. As we each do this, we are adding to the collective healing of humanity.

As the Ring of Non-dual States of Reality is activated cycle after cycle of equinoxes, each one of us will feel the rising from within to co-create the New Earth. Each of our unique soul blueprints will be activated and we will each be drawn to do our part.

What does a Non-Dual State of Reality look like?

It is the 5D Earth reality. This 5D reality is based on foundations of Unity Consciousness. We share our abundance. Basic necessities are easily accessible. We honor the Earth and all life on Earth as well as all the matter which makes up the earth for we know from the depths of our being that Matter is Spirit. Our institutions and systems based on a balanced tri-wave platform means that our leaders truly serve the good of all people. We raise children to be soul beings and raise them to live their soul gift. We create with the Earth which means clean, renewable energy that does not waste, and honors all life on the planet. Innovations to support all this will manifest and the new children being born will exponentially flourish into the non-dualistic reality. Occupations, mathematics, and sciences we can't currently imagine will come forward.

We are and will co-create this. There is nothing outside of us that can stop this now. We co-create our reality. The Autists are here living their soul mission to bring in the new creation technologies and tools, but it is as a COLLECTIVE HUMANITY that the New 5D Earth will be created.

We have the tools and the support of the higher heavens to do this. Don’t let the outer world seduce you into believing that we can’t. The game is over.

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