The Simultaneous Nature of Chaos and Order

Hragon Breath of the 2nd Galactic Sun

Chaos is a concept that does not elicit images of order. The term implies that things are in disarray and are in a state of ‘dis-order’. 2020 has been a year of revelations and the breakdown of third dimensional reality. Certainly, hidden truths have been coming to the surface for a few years but this year seems to mark an acceleration of breakdowns. For some, the word “chaos” may be the defining term for this year. For others, this year marks an accelerated unraveling of 3D and the freedom of humanity.

This message from what I call a “Rainbow Hragon” points out that amidst the chaos, there is order. Yes, a group of elitists are attempting to establish their ‘New World Order’ but this Hragon points out that the rules of manifestation have radically changed. The manifestation template based on tri-wave architecture is here.

Black Rainbow Hragon

The term “hragon” first came to me some time in 2019. I’ve been experiencing dragons since early in my awakening but the dragon races are now flooding the cosmic realms in a way that is unfathomable. Hragons, as described by the Autists, are emanations from the Formless Nature of Source which carry the codes for creation. The concepts of dragons elicits images of fire breathing frightening creatures from mythology. As with all mythology, there is an element of truth buried in the story. Thus, dragons are like the Breath of Source and Hragons can be seen as original breaths of Formless Source bringing through the Expansive and All Seeing Breaths of Creation to clear out the “old” and simultaneously bring through the “new” codes to co-create a higher vibrational reality.

Black Rainbow Hragon Codes

For those just “awakening” to the “planetary shift”, it may appear as though all hell is breaking loose but this process has been underway for several years and accelerated beginning in 2018 when the first Harmonic Universe (1D, 2D, 3D) moved to the second Harmonic Universe. Our known universes in which we currently exist has been undergoing rapid changes since. When these changes began, the ‘software’ for manifesting began to be inserted with the new ‘software’, based on a tri-wave platform which is the balance of polarity. Polarity still exists because it is the nature of polarity which holds our structure and form together (i.e., at the atomic level - protons and electrons), but it is the tri-wave consciousness which enables us to operate as Soul Beings and enables us to be in alignment with the Law of One and the Cosmic Law of Sovereignty.

The ‘new software’ so to speak, exists at the pre-manifestation levels and includes the language of mathematics and numbers which in turn tra