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The Soul is an Exquisite Emanation of Source

This is a powerful message from Samantha that came through last weekend unexpectedly. I was actually getting ready to create a post when the energy of this message came powerfully over me and filled my body.

"The soul is an exquisite emanation of Source and your true essence. The divine spark of Love which knows that it radiates beyond time and dimensions. It’s time to truly remember your magnificence and not let the outer world distract you and instill fear and paranoia into your veins. The very life blood of your human existence is infused into you by your soul. You ere made and born to be free and sovereign. To express your true nature as a Soul, so intricately connected to God that lies from the outer world cannot distract you or detract you from the common collective goal of one humanity. The false governments are trying to keep you enslaved into limited systems and take you down a path that is actually limiting your expression. Their lies that you must be controlled to have unity and peace is a Luciferian lie. What you see playing out in the world is that the foundation of your world has been based on satanic and luciferian lies. It’s time to own your power as a human soul. Your deep connection to the Creator will keep you heart centered. It’s the inner knowing that you are an exquisite expression of God. There will no longer be mans laws and God’s Laws; only Gods Laws will remain.” Samantha through her mom.

The image above is actually one that I had received on January 17, 2017. It was a new moon that day and I was floored by the energy. I lied down and I could feel those words, "The Law of the One must be the Law of the Many." Essentially, it means that the Laws of God applies to the many. It also says that the rules you apply to others must apply to yourself. What are we witnessing in the outer world now? Executive orders for the population which does not apply to the executive and legislative branch of our government. At individual levels, we must also recognize the rules we live by to apply to others. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", but it goes even deeper and will affect the very physical fabric of our reality, including our bodies. The energy of this symbol is really activating now and it will become increasingly more difficult to live out of alignment with the omniversal Law of One.

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