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The Soul of Tara

by Susan Oros

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Dear Soul Family and Friends,

The Cosmic Realms and the God Source continues to support Earth’s ascension and evolution. These “upgrades” (for lack of a better term) continues to be intense and unprecedented. I am continuously blown away by what we’re experiencing from our perspective. The last two weeks have been particularly intense as the “macro verse” and what I can only call the “nano-nano-verse” have looped into a continuous infinity. Some of you might say, “of course, hasn’t it always been that way?” Well, perhaps, but this new access is about the human being in the physical accessing and experiencing it in a way that had not been possible before.

The Human Avatar design was always meant to be a micro and macro-cosmic being which means in brief, that we can expand out to the macro and also to the very nano aspects. This means that consciousness expansion as the Human is infinite. It opens infinite possibilities for creating as physical humans in service to one another and the Omniversal Creation of ALL THAT IS.

You might be thinking, “well, that sounds wonderful in theory but what does it have to do with my current ‘reality’?” Yes, I agree.

Simply put, it means that this is another important piece which frees us from the false 3D matrix and stabilizes our future ascension path as so many portals have now opened. The connection to the Omniversal One and the Omniversal Law of One is present in our NOW.

Another significant turn has been the activation of the Soul of Tara, the original 5D planet that seeded a 5D human. A couple of years ago, Sammie and some of the Autists had related to me that they had experienced the cataclysm of Tara (& Tiamat, the twin planet) and the ensuing fall of consciousness into density. The remnants of Tara is our solar system. Aspects of the consciousness of Tara has been coming to my awareness these last 14 months or so. Sammie and some of the Autists are here to heal themselves, and as souls, are preparing for a future experience as expressions of the God Source.

The activation of the Soul of Tara is significant for us on planet Earth at this time, because it means that a 5D Collective Consciousness is here - this is Tara. I will also note that there are many children on the planet who are very connected to Tara, particularly since 2013, and will truly be stabilizing this as our Collective Consciousness for the coming future. These children are more in resonance with this collective consciousness as is Sammie, and she is showing me that this is what she’s been waiting for before she would even consider embodying here.

Also, check out our latest vlog just uploaded on YouTube which is a follow-up to our Feb 6, 2021 vlog and contains a microcosmic orbit meditation using the Tri-wave Infinity Symbol at the end.

Hang in there!

I am grateful to be here during the most monumental time on this Earth

I am in service to the One, the ALL

And I ring my heart tone to embrace all of life and sentience on this planet

The Waves of Omni-Love calls to me and renews my deepest faith and vision for our Collective Future

The fifth dimensional earth is here NOW

And I trust my sisters and brothers who are heeding the call to co-create a 5D Earth Reality that is in balance and harmony with ALL

I Am God, I Am Sovereign, I Am Free!

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