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This post is to share an image activation for those of you who do not follow us on certain social media platforms. It depicts a stream of harmonic Source Codes from beyond dimensions, so to speak. I am keeping this brief as usual.

Since the 8-8 Lyran Gate portal and alignment, the transmissions continue to stream through. We received another transmission on 8-17 which was like another 8-8. And this transmission received on 8-24, comes through the window of the upcoming new moon on 8-27. Interestingly, 8-26, the day before, is like another 8-8 (2+6 = 8).

Each person will have a different experience with this image but it feels like it is supporting more detoxing and purification. For me, it feels like it is clearing deeper physical layers and in between layers to dissolve and clear out more shadow forms and detox the body further. It seems to be a never ending process but we continue to be supported by the ever increasing cosmic flows from deep within the ALL THAT IS. There is vastness as never experienced before at the macro-macro and micro-micro levels. Stare into the image and feel. Also you can have the image up as you do a clearing meditation or clearing of all channels such as the axiotonal lines or vertical channels. Remember, you are made of pure love, and we are being cleared of all that is not that pure love so don't judge yourself if negative scripts come up again. Stay tuned for another blog coming up in the next couple of days about the pure crystalline 12D Earth, Amaratena!


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Thank you for posting this Harmonic Source Code! It feels familiar and blessed!

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