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Welcome 2022!

Happy New Year everyone! It's been quite a year. There were certainly bleak moments in 2021 but also a greater rising of the human spirit. Our freedom and evolution cannot be stopped. The All That Is continues to send through activations upon activations and the Omniverse is completely re-structuring the architecture of our universe. We've had quite a slew of new information and activations coming through and it's hard to keep up.

I personally am experiencing many deeper levels of healing and I'm receiving new energetic tools or as I like to call them, creation technologies to facilitate the deeper healing. I have actually been busy this past week focusing on self womb healing using some of the new tools available. I've also been healing my children while in the womb. Book a private session if you're interested or join us on Patreon where I'm able to share more quickly.

The image above depicts 8 golden apples representing abundance. Working with the Autists, I learned a deeper meaning about abundance. First, 8 is an exponential number (2 to the 3rd power - sorry I don't have superscript available on this platform to correctly write it out in mathematic terms). Abundance is an emanation of Omni-Love and it implies that we are sent forth with Abundance as a base foundation for our template. And not just abundance of material things, but abundance of all aspects that make up our total being - not just the physical.

Abundance implies, too, that we flourish, thrive, and co-create. One of my favorite teachings from the Autists is that when we co-create, we actually create abundance for all - not just humanity but for all aspects of the Earth and for the omniverse. Currently, with 3D technologies, we create waste and by products that has damaged the life force currents upon the earth. It is the technologies and NOT necessarily the humans that are damaging the earth. The current agenda to control and enslave humanity attempts to propagate a false narrative that humans are the problem on the earth for pollution and climate change. My perspective on this is that it is the technology that pollutes and the toxins that's in our food, water, etc... and that the average human does not have control over the technology being used. Those who've been in power on the planet have not sufficiently executed plans to introduce cleaner technology or suppressed technology that would regenerate life on the planet. The false 3D narrative is falling apart and our systems are breaking down. More are awakening.

I see a future where the earth is cleaned up and new elements and minerals will emerge to support the co-creation of abundance. Hypercube technology will revolutionize the way we live, but first, we must change how we think. 2022, I've been shown will open our third eye to deeper levels of the cosmos. Those who are just waking up will undergo a third eye activation while others who've been awake will undergo deeper openings into the dimensionalized field. But in order to co-create with hypercube technology, people will also have to be in balance with the third eye, the heart, and actually the sacral. The second dimension is undergoing radical changes and the sacral connects into the 2nd dimension. The number '2' also implies balance of the two foundational aspects of our being - the masculine and feminine, and so a deeper divine union within ourselves will also be stimulated for 2022.

It's unclear how 2022 will play out for each person, but the outer world will continue to be full of surprises and we will continue to witness the rise of the human spirit - and also continued breakdowns. It will not be easy to witness at times or get caught in the breakdown. I've also been shown by Samantha that star seeds, indigos, and the collective consciousness of the animals (particularly the mammals) will join with the Autist Collective in the 9D to begin forming a collective consciousness. We must come together under one unified field to continue what has been accomplished thus far to break out of the 3D enslavement programs that has dominated on this earth. The Cosmos supports us and new tools are being sent through to break whatever control mechanisms are thrown at us. We are NOT going back to a system of control nor will we allow ourselves to become enslaved in AI technology which is being presented as progress. We must allow the true organic human to emerge, and we do not have a clear picture of what that looks like based on the archetypes we've had. Consequently, in this, we walk forward with trust and faith in our inner connection with Source to discern for many smoke and mirrors continue to shine in our eyes to distract us from what's really happening.

There's so much more I can say on many of the areas I touched on but will sign off for now leaving this image activation which I had drawn in 2020 but I feel is really activating now.

Blessings, from our family to yours! And don't just raise your vibration, BE the vibration!

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Beautiful to read this & focus on this image as I go to take an afternoon Siesta! & dream forward what is next!

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