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Sammie's Treasures #2: "You have always been Multi-Dimensional"

Since my awakening process in 2010, I came across a lot of writing and concepts around multi-dimensional reality. The only reference I had about other dimensions is what I had learned in school and from science magazines like Discover. Three dimensional space was defined as 90 degree intersections. If you look at a corner of a wall, that perfectly describes this concept, I think. The points where the walls meet create a 90 degree angle. One side of the wall where it meets the floor creates a 90 degree angle. The other side of the wall that meets the floor creates another 90 degree angle. This is what we call 3D imagery. There is depth to an image. I remember that scientists and mathematicians were trying to figure out what fourth dimensional imagery would look like if they added another 90 degree dimension to 3D but it kind of breaks down, I think, and admittedly, my intelligence is not in that arena.

So, let’s get to the point. I was pondering “multi-dimensionalism” one day last summer when suddenly, Sammie’s face came into my vision and she gave me a metaphor of the dimensions and what it means to “shift in consciousness”.

The information in her energy field said that the dimensions are not stacked in hierarchy but rather think of the dimensions as a kaleidoscope interwoven together. So 6th dimensional space can be sitting right next to 9th dimensional space and so on. Rays of dimensional light stream through into our matrix blueprint that makes up the human. If you read the section on activating the star icosahedron as your new matrix, this might bring more clarity to that concept.

The shift in consciousness is then as she put it like the kaleidoscope turning; with each turn a new pattern. The dimensions are connected in a new way and thus the light codes available have changed. We came out of a pattern where many of the dimensional doorways were “closed” and it has been turning one click at a time as we are able to handle more and more. She also said another time that “time” as we have experienced it is when the other dimensional doorways are closed.

Closed, not in the sense that other dimensional consciousness were not available but more difficult to access. If you think that all creation is from the one Source Field, the One Consciousness, GOD, then all aspects of light has consciousness. So, we see in our history great theologians, mystics, saints, etc… who were accessing higher states of consciousness and therefore perhaps more aware of God’s messages let’s say, but it was more difficult to access it for others.

It’s like saying the information has always been there but you had to take all these sharp turns and run through a complex maze to get at the treasure within this kaleidoscope.

My mind has begun to see dimensions as various “spaces” that hold certain frequencies and fields of light. White light as we know it can be broken down into the various colors of the rainbow and so perhaps the dimensions are the myriad ways that Spirit sent forth the Light so that manifestation into various forms can take place.

The light codes of the dimensions, metaphorically, might be seen as the toolbox to create. So, if you think of the human matrix, perhaps the light codes are directing the devas and elementals which fields of light from which dimension to use to create the human. Sammie is saying, “This is why you have always been multi-dimensional. Three dimensional reality is based on multi-dimensional light.” It’s just our awareness that is changing because of the “kaliedescopic” matrix pattern now available.

And to take it a step further, the overarching matrix of what we call “human” might be the same but just as a snowflake, the light pattern within is unique based on your soul imprint. How beautiful is that! You are vibrationally unique and you have a gift to share here just by your presence (which reminds me of the Invisible Garment – if you haven’t heard of it, look it up).

Before I wrap it up here, I’d like to take a moment to tie this message in with AA Sophiel’s message about the Paris bombings. Our kaleidoscopic pattern now has full open direct access to all the dimensional light. This means that just by clearing ourselves each day and being able to hold the code, “It is a benevolent universe”, we are radiating this out “way more efficiently”.

Resolve within. Be the light. It can truly now be done with grace and ease.

We offer these words as living light. We offer our gratitude to all those who read them.

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