Reclaim 2D Stargate; Uluru, Australia

I am posting a quick blog to describe what I’m experiencing here with Samantha.

Just as we are multidimensional, so is the Earth and the Earth stargates or portals that connect to this multidimensional “field”. Chakras are another term for access to these portals. Our chakras are access points into these dimensions and we are connected to the Earth’s stargate system.

My simple understanding is that the distorted forces of consciousness that we call, satanic and luciferian, have been using these earth portals to carry out their distorted agenda. This is hard to imagine or believe for some of you reading but this is how it’s been and why humanity has been challenged to break free from extreme distorted polarity consciousness.

One of the most important Earth stargates has been Uluru. With Uluru, and other earth stargates, under the control of satanic and luciferian forces, satanic and luciferian agendas have been promulgated including satanic/luciferian ritual abuses. There are many star seeds and indigos who have been working to recover Uluru and this seems to be the final piece.

What I’m witnessing and facilitating here with Samantha has been breaking a physical layer to enable the 2nd Galactic Sun to "establish its presence" to establish its consciousness presence here. I began seeing the word "Uluru" and a vision of breaking through the lair of Satan and Lucifer. If you followed our work of the Galactic Suns a couple of years ago, that was the a step to changing the 12 dimensional consciousness that we access. Each Galactic Sun (12 of them) corresponds to each dimensional reality here. And as Creator is “closing out” the Mandelbrot fractal mathematics, these Galactic Suns (which are not really galaxies as the name might imply) are “infusing themselves” into the 12 dimensions of this universe. Twelve laws are being infused into each of the 12 dimensions. And, "supports" the Avatar Human Template.

The Law of the 2nd Galactic Sun is the Law of Omniscient Omnipresence. In a sense, Source is establishing its presence into our 2D reality. Each chakra is a dimensional access and so 2D would correspond to the sacral.

Samantha was stomping and pounding a lot yesterday which I've learned is her punching through the physical layers. And when I say stomping, I mean stomping and punching her legs so hard it sends tremors through the house. As some of you know, it takes a human in the physical to make the spiritual "real" here. This is part of Sammie's work here ('Sammie' is still a sweet name for me as a mom).

You might be experiencing deep clearing at this time. A friend and I were working on this portal just a couple of days ago and many dark and distorted creatures were being exited as well as great pain and pieces of body parts of humans and animals sacrificed for satanic rituals. I am bringing this up because you may be experiencing more dark entities. Indications of clearing can be heightened such as urinating more, diarrhea, sweating, stomach upset, etc… Stay heart centered and witness.

Here’s a drawing to help clear if you’re experiencing this.

Life is busy at our home so, I need to keep this short.

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