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The Cosmic Mother & Father Reunited

The theme of 2022 in retrospect, connected us to the point of the Origin when universes were born. The primordial stage of creation, you might say, and the birth of what we call universes. A cosmic reset took place anchoring us to even a new position in the cosmos. Also a change to the cosmic architecture has been underway over the last 4-5 years. It resets time and the expression of the Creator in this holographic time/space reality; a canvas for a particular type of creation. And the human vessel is the Avatar God Expression.

Cosmic Mother draws the deeper Cosmic Aspect of Father

In previous blog posts, I wrote about the return of the Cosmic Mother. The Cosmic Mother has never been present here in this way. She opens into dark matter, the foundation which creates “spaces” or “void spaces” that enables different frequencies, sound waves, dimensions, etc… and even musical notes and our body systems and organs to exist in a matrix that is distinguishable. She enables a form to exist that is distinct from another form.

This sounds mind bending and impossible to understand but as we’ve been presenting in our Patreon hang-outs, if you imagine your soul outside of time and space, then how do you come into a holographic reality that distinguishes you from another? The notion that time does not exist is tossed around and yet no one has adequately addressed that this is our reality. How is a holographic platform created so you can have an experience of separation that is unique from another, or distinguishable from a tree or a bird? When you start to ask this question, then the Cosmic Mother, her dark matter field and magnetics begins to make sense - for me anyway. And you can begin to glimmer another perspective of what it means to be an expression of Source, the soul, that comes through to engage a universal holographic canvas or platform of time and space.

Much of 2022, from what Samantha conveyed and transmitted, was all about the Cosmic Mother coming through and clearing portals, access points, and barriers in the fabric of the cosmos and our dimensionalized field to bring Mother through. Her magnetic essence and presence, consequently, also drew the Cosmic Father through in recent weeks. Well, some might say, haven’t the Mother and particularly the Father always been here? In experiencing these two new forces, I’d have to say, no. We have been accessing limiting aspects of the Father and the Mother - and many distortions, too, of what the Holy Mother and Father represent. It’ll take many centuries, perhaps, to unlearn what we thought the Mother and Father truly represent.

The Cosmic Father that emerges now expresses a deeper Father consciousness of the cosmos. Almost like lineages of the Father in the Omniverse’s many creation cycles that is vastly different than time and space creation. Cosmic Father brings to us a principle of Benevolence that is a deep, deep desire for pure goodness. An untainted desire to revere all Creation and Life. And as such, Cosmic Father has deep reverence for his omniversal counterpart, the Cosmic Mother. Take a moment and see if you can feel this from the image above.

Left - 3 Daughters; Right - 3 Sons; Omniversal, Universal, & Galactic
3 Daughters and 3 Sons of Christ

Daughter & Son Codes of Christ-Sophia

This next images represent the emanations of what came through as the 3 daughters of Christ and 3 sons of Christ. Christ Consciousness as many of you reading, understand that Christ Consciousness is the trinity wave, Father, Mother, and the Son or Daughter. In human simplified terms, the union of the God the Father and God the Mother produces a son or daughter or the triwave. In short, an autist child transmitted to me that when a third “emanation” of this union was birthed, it allowed for a stable geometric form (the triangle) to be created and enabled a new way of creating with geometries. If you have 2 points, you can create a line but add a third point, you can now draw a triangle. This is a very simplistic explanation, I understand, but it makes sense to my humble mind. Thus, the human avatar is like a son or daughter of this original Christ Consciousness birthed in the cosmos and carries a certain level of consciousness of God. This balance and stability of this form, the Christ Consciousness, which carries the Mother and Father consciousness within has innate love induced qualities of God and is carried in, or meant to be carried, within our DNA or genetic coding.

Thus the 3 daughters and 3 sons of Christ are emanations through the cosmic layers, in a sense - the Omniversal, the Universal, and the Galactic. In recent weeks, it’s come to my awareness that there have been barriers preventing our access to these cosmic layers. Genetic codes with these aspects were even damaged or hybridized. And in particular, once you damage the feminine aspect, it’s very easy to distort the masculine since we all start out in the womb, in a sense, as female. I also emphasize here that we each are sons and daughters of Christ whether we are expressing it in a female or male body. The physical balance of both is unique to each person and determined by the soul and genetic expression. *Please also, do not read into this as promoting a transgender agenda. Much more can be said on this topic but it is just surfacing. I will, however, likely talk more about this in our December 20 Patreon live meeting.

Green Tara Rises

Green Tara

Green Tara, in a brief search of the web, is like the Sophia consciousness of eastern traditions. Green Tara in this drawing represents an expanded presence of this concept. The image came about a couple of weeks ago during moments of Samantha’s discomfort/agitation. She transmitted that she was hearing loud sounds from the meta-galactic core. I began seeing this image in my vision and drew it.

The energy of it is transmitted from Mother’s White Dragon Sun. This Green Tara is a very physical energy and affects the heart. Even though it’s a Mother or Sophia principle, I feel the difference of this new presence of Green Tara vs the traditional Green Tara as the feminine with the sacred masculine behind it. Consequently, she exudes a powerful presence of the feminine in action. It is not, however, aggressive and does not imply in any way, transgenderism.

There is also a White Tara and a Lavendar/Periwinkle Tara being transmitted by Mother’s White Dragon but I haven’t gotten to those yet. With the return of Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, we will begin to witness a rebirth of what the sacred feminine and sacred masculine means. It may not be at all what we imagined or thought we knew. Oh, and, Samantha has me use the terms “sacred feminine” and “sacred masculine” because “sacred” is related to the “sacral” and the energy of it connects deep into the body so that we gain this intuitive deep insight. The sacral is also the place of birthing so we will birth a new awareness from deep inside us.

I will close this blog here so that I can get it out… (I’ve been working on it off and on for a few days). As usual, let the images speak to you.

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