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The Father Emanates through Sun

A quick disclaimer... I am having an intense week of activations so excuse this blog if it sounds disjointed or unclear... just really wanted to get it out...

Here’s one of the latest visions I was having last week around the full moon which I believe, that was on or around Nov 27. The October solar eclipse new moon in Virgo (from the sidereal astrology) was a powerful activation of the Sophia Mother Goddess in our solar system. Since the feminine principle is magnetic, she has naturally drawn in her true counterpart, the Father God. This image depicts just that. It is a vision of this Father energy coming through. I experienced the vision in this way. This beautiful Father energy emerging through the sun. It is my understanding that there was a coronal hole in the sun and geomagnetic storms from the sun around that day (Nov 27), too.

This Father presence is what I would call the undistorted masculine. And it is affecting little Mercury, the planet closest to the sun in a big way. Mercury from mythology is considered the messenger. Additionally, as an element, mercury is also known as quick silver. Thus, to me, even though Mercury is a small planet, it feels like this messenger will be having a huge impact on us and through the solar system. He will be heralding the return of the True Father. The undistorted masculine which, I would contend, we have not known or understood fully in this last epoch of humanity as we’ve had to contend with 3D thinking and patterns of beliefs. 

The Father figure emanating from the Sun or Son feels like the protector but not the protector as we associate this word to mean protection from danger and the outer world forces of aggression. Aggression and masculinity or maleness has become synonymous in my opinion, and has been injurious to both males and females. Raising boys in this day and age is difficult. Having a young 22 year old son myself, I can appreciate the difficulty of being a boy and growing into manhood. There are so many mixed messages from how to treat girls and women to how to be a man that’s strong physically and also gentle. I can say much more on this topic but will keep this short since I’m having trouble concentrating with all the energetic activity going through my body.

I’ll just say that from this image of the Father coming through, the energy of protection really is about embracing the human form. The visual I got was of a pregnant woman and a father embracing the pregnant woman in a very sacred embrace. The embrace is to support and protect the life force energy of the growing baby in the womb. He is embracing the totality of this human life - the light body, the layers of the energetic physical form blooming, the unique blueprint and soul that will have a God Inspired purpose for humanity. Last year some time, I was shown that it is the powerful Spirit of the Father that ignites a fertilized egg or zygote to begin cell division that grows into a new human. It’s like the spark of the cosmos igniting the new human to house a soul, an aspect of God coming to incarnate as human for a glorious experience and expression. And the Earth Mother receives this new life knowing she is supporting a wondrous expression of God.

The Essence of this Father emerging feels like an archangel I drew a few years ago and part of the image I used for this Father essence, archangel Anacleus, “the Father Embraces the Human Form.” When this image of AA Anacleus came through, it was like watching him come through Sammie’s field somehow from 15D from the 15th dimension which is like an arc and thus archangels are named for coming through the Father Arc, 15D, or the Mother Arc of 13D. 

Here’s one more image which I believe I shared in another blog. It’s Father’s lavender raven. This vision came in an in between state one morning before fully awakening. It was like looking through a window and I could feel the Father God presence. It was so beautifully warm and embracing that I began drawing it when I woke. It’s my hope that through these images, others can also experience what I experience in their own way.

To close, I can only imagine how this essence of the undistorted Father will impact us and how the energy of Mercury, which has a fast rotation around the sun, will affect us. We have some amazing alignments coming up in December with the Sun in Ophiuchus for a new moon on 12/12 (12/13 depending on where you are) and also Mercury will be retrograde in Ophiuchus on 12/26 for the full moon. You can catch the sidereal astrology report for December by Isaac Rodriguez, astrological photographer and sidereal astrologist.

Thanks for reading… my body is going through A LOT at the moment.

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