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13 Dimensional Earth Dragons Active!

The 7/7/7 alignments and activations enabled a new macro and micro cosmic connection to activate. We are in a new Open Source system with flows of the macro and micro or quantum realms flowing in omnidirectional ways. The 13 earth dragons which each access a dimension and flow into the earth ley lines are opening and clearing the earth. Earth’s history is surfacing to be cleansed. This also happens in our bodies as our meridian channels are like the earth’s ley lines. The 13 dimensional dragons in this case are what holds our dimensions 1-12 open and alive. Their breath represents the fiery breath of Source continuously inhaling and exhaling through these dimensions. I was guided several years ago to name these dragons (and I’m sure others may have different names). Interestingly, the 4D dragon at first were 3 Pleiadian dragons and recently got switched out to a new 4D dragon, Soëtotanya. The 13th Mother Dragon, Zaëya, is also fairly new. As I see her, she runs along the central vertical channel of the earth (or North to South poles).

I’m sharing the names I gave them so others can call their names around the planet to get the flow moving. There’s a lot happening with the 4D dragon and 13th dragon. Connecting to Father dragon lines. A network is spreading. Fallen dragons taken out. Intense retrievals happening. Not a battle but the pulses of waves going thru these newly opened dragon lines or chords coming through. You may feel pulses in ears and head. Like a density which feels to be intense physical pulses. Some may hear it as sound. Others like ears are muffled. It goes thru and relief until the next pulsing starts again. You can feel the waves thru the body as our meridian system is connected to ley lines.

Samantha said a couple of days ago “A coming crescendo on the 8/8”. Interesting that “crescendo” is related to music and these flows are coming in like cords or chords of sound waves. You may feel fine one minute and totally wobbly again a few seconds later as waves and waves are pouring through. How will this affect those who are trying to control the open source system of crypto blockchain technology as the two do not harmonize??

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It’s been very fascinating to observe. I have been being taken through the idea of “currency” and the value of self and how that actualizes in my light body. Excellent post!

Susan Oros
Susan Oros
Jul 28, 2023
Replying to

Very related to abundance. These flows of dragon breaths are the flow of “currents-y”. Abundance the birth right of all in this flow.

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