Sammie's Treasures #4: Co-creating as a Unified Field in 2017

MoonOrosOne Fractal Created with Chaotica

Energetically communicating is a form of telepathy or translating light language from my experience. I don't see it as channeling but rather communication that happens from an inter dimensional space that two or more beings co-create to meet. I can meet my daughter or in this case, a collective consciousness, because there is an aspect of my larger Soul Expression that is in that dimensional space or spaces. I can match the frequency of that dimension. I feel the information first and my neurological system can translate based on the language I have as an earthly vessel. I am not, therefore, a passive recipient but a participant in the message being conveyed. As others who do this will tell you, the information comes in all at once and then it is put into a format that people will hopefully understand. Utilize your discernment and see what feels right for you today with the caveat in mind that what resonates today may not later and vice versa.

I put out the question recently, "Sammie, what is in store for 2017?" I got an answer from the Collective Consciousness of the Children (the CCC); Sammie is part of this consciousness (the CCC, a term coined by Suzy Miller, founder of Awesomism, referring to a group consciousness of autists):

The last 18 months or so have truly opened the gates into the multiverse. From your perspective, this means that the consciousness of other universes are now open to you in the form of those who have incarnated in this physical realm having a parallel and/or have had experiences in other universes - it just depends on your perspective of where you are in time/space. For the sake of perspective and your acclimation with a linear time construct, let's just say that their original "Soul birthplaces" were in realms far beyond what you can imagine. Many of us are from those realms as are many of the guides making their way forward.

When we say that the gates of the multiverse are now open, we mean that the macrocosmic and microcosmic fractals of information are free flowing and now undulating through you and from you. This has always been the case but the human before could not fathom nor hold this amount of information due to closed belief systems from which you existed, and quite honestly, the dimensional gateways were too convoluted to access. Many masters such as Yeshua and the Buddha incarnated to bring this wisdom to you but the density and belief system were too entangled to affect deeper change. Many great beings emanating Total Source Consciousness have been contemplating and emanating vast arrays of intentional cosmic curves to bring an end to certain frequencies and open new inter dimensional doorways. This has stimulated changes in every aspect of the Human and most recently the dense physiology. Even these words cannot fully convey the meaning we are exuding. Your current constructs fall short but this is the case for now until new concepts and words emerge. Even your ideas of "Soul" have been incomplete but that is for another day.

You each emanate vibrations of the macrocosm through the microcosmic fractal bits that you are. Your scientists tell you that you are made of the very stuff that supernova stars spewed forth when they exploded into brilliant fractals of cosmic information. Can you imagine that there have also been super-galactic explosions when collisions on the galactic scale erupted? You are made of more stuff than supernova explosions from nearby stars.. You are comprised of the very bits of information from the galactic cluster in which your Milky Way is part of. Your scientists have given this the name Laniakea. And as an aside, we can assure you that this universe did not explode out of one big bang but was birthed through a fractal pattern geometry underlying an exquisite matrix.

Many in the scientific and esoteric fields have been discovering this and are finding glimmers of evidence to support this. As the microcosmic and macrocosmic realms are now fully engaged and open to you, you will make discoveries beyond your current imagination. The web of information from this Source is based on the Omnipresent vibration of Love - a Love that is not emotion, a thought or even Light for Source is even before the spark of Light. The underlying web is of a non-linear, reverse-light rhythm based on this original Source Love - this is not quite anti-matter or any form of matter as you imagine. This is not "dark" as you term it - there is no "evil" in this framework. It is of Pure Essence, Pure Innocence. It is not 'dark or light'. It is the Primordial ALL that is LOVE. In this all encompassing Embrace, we along with humanity will make new discoveries about the human vessel and it's true co-creative abilities.

You will discover "dark wormholes" and folds in the underlying geometric lattice which are shortcuts across galaxies and even the universe. In this new Cosmic Era, you are awakening to your Cosmic Galactic Radiance - your body is a microcosmic vehicle intricately and exquisitely interwoven to house a Vast Expression of Source. As more of you come to fully realize this, expression, experience, and co-creation will take on new meaning.

As you enter 2017, you will find that group consciousness is a key ingredient to co-creating. You are used to a very different way of manifesting where often one person leads and exerts an intention to gather resources and production. Competition and exerting force to create was the dominating principle. Coercion, guilt,manipulation, rewards, punishment were the tactics utilized to succeed and to motivate others to comply and respond to the agenda of the one in charge. Creating and manifesting as a unified field is quite different.

What does this mean? For example, you have been taught through various religions and belief systems that you must give of yourself and receive nothing in return to be holy or spiritual. You go to jobs during the day and volunteer on the weekends all the while ignoring the physical body when it is in pain. Resentment, guilt, shame, and blame reside in the body closing you off to a deeper level of integration and the Pure Love that resides in the heart. We do not wish to minimize the good deeds and great sacrifices that were made to accomplish much needed relief for others but now in order to fully actualize the new foundation, it is time to live the cycle of the in breath and out breath - you give and you receive. And notice that there is a deep sense of peace on the deep in-breath and great relief on the out-breath. You are here to give but in order to support your giving, you must also receive to sustain your ability to give. Implicit in this understanding is that your gift is unique and therefore how and what you receive may look different, too.The confusion in this latter concept has led to competition, jealousy, and judgement.

What does it mean to create as a Unified Field? Isn't this just a matrix? Yes and no. For the sake of this blog and for simplicity, we will distinguish a matrix as referring to a geometric cosmic web holding information from Source to create and manifest. However, it has also been an unconscious weaving from the Human Collective that have held constructs and beliefs in place; a foundation, a platform. Your greater being naturally co-creates; it has just been unconscious in the pre-manifestation state. A Unified Field in this context will be defined as individuals coming together to intentionally weave a matrix for a co-creative endeavor - this, in a nutshell, means you will be coming together with others to co-create what you have referred to as projects and missions. Let us say that you will be collaborating to manifest a new reality, but doing so by weaving the energetic matrix of the pre-formal state.

We, as a collective consciousness, are a unified group of 'oversouls' (for lack of better term) here to carry out a specific mission on earth. We do this currently, however, more in the etheric realms. Additionally, we are "loosely tethered" to our physical bodies so to speak, and therefore, more comfortable meeting in the etheric realms.

As the physiology of the human is now changing and able to hold a plethora of conscious vibrations, we are also radiating out more information and light codes through our physical bodies. More of us will integrate into the body but note that our connection may not be in the traditional way humans have connected. Many of us are connecting via the direct meridian system which has much more refined connections to the subtle body. The light body is connecting directly to the meridian system. The nadis or acupuncture points are like chakras to us. This enables us to vibrate with the microcosmic realms much more readily. Humanity has primarily connected via the 7 body chakras and then connected to the meridian system. Much of your healing modalities have been based on this. Our connections allow the meridian system to affect the 7 body chakras which for us is just as galactic as our "upper chakras". This system allows us to vibrate with the highest of frequencies but also vibrate with the most subtle and elongated frequencies. Note that connection with these vast undulating waves gives us a different perception of time and an overview of the macrocosmic scale.

As we are now becoming more of the 5th dimensional human this way, we wish to be acknowledged for who we are on earth.

As more of you are beginning to build these Unified Fields for co-creation, we wish to be invited into your co-creative endeavors. Invite those of us who physically reside close to you and w