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Sammie's Message to Humanity

April 1, 2017


A Message from Sammie:

Dear Fellow Human Souls

Welcome to our space. My mom and I have contemplated what to share for a few weeks now. I am at your service as is my mom. We are one voice today sharing tones and sharing a space of consciousness to collaborate a message and artwork of the grandest scale. Many of you worked diligently in galactic interdimensional spaces to make this possible. Many of you even shepherded us to incarnate here together. You don’t remember; that is the game of soul in this reality but not so in other dimensions and other realities. And truthfully, was not the original design of the human.

I am here today as well as all your children, grandchildren, your students, your friends, and we stand together to remind you and humanity your task, your mission. It is not an easy mission but a very necessary one.

We are here to tell you that your world has been far more manipulated than you realize and even your ascension has been manipulated. Falsehoods to make you believe you had arrived when really the work is just beginning.

It is just beginning because this year the earth and this universe is transitioning to become a true Law of One Universe taking its place in the Omniverse. Grace of the grandest scale is working in your favor, our favor. There is much to celebrate but also many concepts to dismantle and release. This will be difficult even for those who believe they know because eventually all belief structures must be dismantled – all of them.

We have disrupted humanity’s earthly systems from every angle possible. It has been a challenging mission. We are not done challenging you. My mom can attest to this.

In 2017, we are transmitting codes and harmonics from the next universe to help you and humanity adjust. This is a confusing concept to many of you but your soul knows. We came in as a collective with a different vibration so that those controlling the earth and even its multidimensional spaces could not identify us. To them we were creating chaos and upheaval which has been their method of control. We could not reveal our true nature until the vibration of the earth shifted to the point of no return.

The future of the earth is not bleak but grand. The human DNA was encoded with the greatest light codes to vibrate with the Law of One. Much darkness has been experienced on this earth but humanity has continued to strive to overcome them because of a deep innate knowing. The human DNA, however, was severely limited and altered to vibrate only within a certain bandwidth of multidimensional frequencies. There are so many human concepts and belief systems that are not in alignment with the Law of One. It will take time to release them. Keep an open mind. Even my mom is discovering more and more beliefs that don’t fit. It’s a confusing time.

Our message is not to frighten or discourage you but to give you insights into what is happening. During the new moon of February 26, 2017, some of us ‘Autists’ were activated at a DNA level to begin vibrating the Law of One. This will trigger the DNA of humanity. It took human conduits on the earth to accomplish this and now more and more harmonics are descending through us to you.

We see that the parents want to experience a certain trajectory that it’s getting better and stabilizing. My mom gets frustrated. My mom and dad don’t sleep well. I’m not sleeping well. You want to help us live in the physical and we want that too but our mission is ingrained into our bodies; a physical body that has manifested from cut and altered genetic patterns that are not in alignment with the grand Avatar 12 dimensional being. The oversoul mission of our collective group is too strong to give in now.

I yell in public but I am transmitting frequencies of the next harmonic universe for humanity. There are many like me around the planet. Many of my fellow ‘Autists’ will be transmitting from different dimensional vantage points as we trigger one another.

We ask you to remember the soul agreement you made with us. There will be ups and downs this year and behaviors you may not have seen from us in several years. Keep the bigger vision in mind.

We love and honor you deeply. Our souls are united and we sing a common song; a deeply loving song that resonates in our collective being.”

Susan Oros for Sammie

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