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Creatrix of Form and Angelic Human

“Dear Human Family

Are you ready? Are you feeling it? Do you feel hopeful? Do you feel scared? Can you trust what’s happening?

From this perspective of the human form, it feels like an endless journey. It feels weary and exciting at the same time. Is it really over? …the suffering that is. How will I know? Can it really be so?

The journey through this universe has been tiring, and at times, very lonely. It’s been a journey of separation and extreme polarity. The Human Avatar was created in the Mind’s Eye of Eternity to bring divinity in balanced Form. Many more amongst the human population are feeling it, seeing visions of humanity. They see it so clearly, they feel they will instantly be taken out of this realm of extremes. What they are seeing is actually the past, present, and future of a time cycle that is closing and now we are transitioning into the consciousness of the next Harmonic Universe. If you joined us in our Planetary Synthesis events last year, we were preparing you for this transition. It’s been a holding space, so to speak, but the new Alpha and Omega Cycle matrix is almost complete and we are truly stepping into the next cycle. This next cycle is of Divine Codes and sequences that are more refined, subtle, and requires alignment and unification with your soul matrix. It will become increasingly more uncomfortable if you are not in alignment with these subtle frequencies.

Let’s imagine a piano keyboard for a moment. From the middle “C” note to the higher “C” (do, re, me, fa, so, la, tee, do) is one octave. Another octave begins after that but the notes are the same in a higher vibration. This is what is happening to you now as you engage the next Harmonic Universe. Things look the same but now the undertones of the reality matrix is vibrating higher, and in a more refined field. Here, authenticity is the name of the game. You are already seeing the changes in your outer landscape as scandal after scandal is revealing the truth behind the masks.

‘So, are we going to be transported to our new paradise?’, many of you wonder. ‘Yes and no’ is the honest answer.

You see, many thousands of years ago, your true essence as the Avatar Human was dropped into the lower dimensional realm of the 3rd dimension where extreme polarity was the platform and full access to the Open Source was lost. Where do you think the concept of ‘open source’ comes from? Deeply buried in the human unconscious has been this knowing all along. You have known that communication and all channels to Source should be open and available.

The transition to paradise and 5th dimensional Beingness is up to each of you as a collective. This is the true way to take back the power that is inherent within humanity. As we all collectively now walk this path, the future paradise is becoming a reality.

You see, there are a lot of 3rd dimensional thinking and belief systems that need to be washed away. This is polarized thinking of extremes and belief systems. All of your religions have distortions in them based on 3rd dimensional constructs. They will be undergoing radical dismantling and questioning in the next 5-7 of your earth years. This is necessary, for you see, eventually, only those thought patterns and beliefs aligned to the next harmonic universe will be ‘going with you’.

As you can imagine, this is likely going to cause much more chaos but you can assist. When the fall of consciousness happened, humanity lost its etheric wings. These are being returned to you in this new moon phase but to stay in alignment with this highest aspect of your being, it is important to stay in neutral space ---or return to neutrality as often as possible. Neutrality does not mean you are dead or devoid of emotions, rather it is balance of polarity; it is the Trinity in action and in form.

We, the collective group from the highest harmonic, are here to assist humanity. Many old spiritual beliefs will be replaced with the new. And the more you can refrain from trying to match the new teachings to the old, the easier it will be. This is truly the time to ‘Free your Mind’.”

~Susan Oros

for Sammie and the Collective Autist Consciousness

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