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Mana of Life

"Dear Humanity,

This is an unprecedented time in human history. You are being supported by the highest heavens. You are being recalibrated and all life and the nature spirits which support life are being recalibrated. Today, the Creatrix of Form, which contains the instruction codes of human life, the Gaian consciousness, and all life on earth, is sending forth streams of information to upgrade and sustain life here in alignment with the next Harmonic Universe. The "Manna of Life" represents this life force, life bearing, and life sustaining consciousness. It is already well underway.

The platonic solids represent energetic matrices to hold the light codes and information. Your mind cannot grasp all of this but that is ok. My mom and I energetically assisted this to anchor into the earth grid. Take it in and do not worry."

~Susan Oros, for Sammie and the Collective Autist Consciousness

*Platonic Solid images from (Platonic Solids)

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