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The 12 Dimensional Laws of the Galactic Suns

Representation of the Galactic Sun Laws & the human chakras


This blog post is a brief synopsis of what was revealed during the 13 days of meditations with the Galactic Suns from December 1st – 13th, 2018. There is a great deal more that can be said and experienced with these Laws. Please refer to the diagram with this blog to give you perspective. The recordings can be accessed here.

When we started out, I had an overall sense of what I needed to facilitate but I did not know specifically what would be transmitted. It was not until about the 2nd and 3rd

sessions that I got the magnitude of what was being transmitted. And this seems to be the state of how the new is being revealed… in the moment. In a nutshell, these Galactic Suns, as one of the first Emanations of Source are, for a lack of a better word, replenishing our dimensionalized system from which our bodies manifest. It is the light codes and vectors in our dimensionalized system that contains the instruction set for our multidimensional bodies; instructions which interact with our Soul Matrix light codes to manifest a body that will house the unique Soul for a particular expression and purpose on this earth. The Laws or Gnosis (inner knowing) that is replenishing our dimensions will influence our very beingness as humanity evolves out of duality and can truly become the trinitized form. To have balanced creation without distortions, the trinity wave must be the foundation. In order to understand what these Laws mean, it is important to understand what the trinity means from a new perspective.

From the Formless into the Trinitized Form

This short vignette was a “story” transmitted from a young non-speaking autistic boy that I’d just call, Tony. I learned during these 13 days of meditations that he is from the 4th Galactic Sun or is expressing the consciousness of the 4th Galactic Sun. I have never met him in the physical but was introduced to him by a talented multidimensional communicator/friend. Tony came in very powerfully in 2017 and I could feel his consciousness running through my neurology to scan me. It felt like I was being scanned so that he could get a sense of where humanity’s consciousness is so that a lesson could be transmitted appropriate to where we are currently functioning. This story was also part of one of our Planetary Synthesis sessions in the fall of 2017 (visit our YouTube channel).

He relayed a story to me about the Creator as Formlessness and where the concept of the trinitized form comes from. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a mythology but it does not mean this is a lie but rather a metaphor to convey a deep concept to help us develop an inner understanding of something that really is beyond language as we know it. And also in that Spirit of conveying a “gnosis”, this is not to be “worshiped” but rather to assist in building a new foundation for us as we move out of “old paradigms”.

Imagine for a moment, the state of Formlessness; before any patterns or geometries “existed”, when there was simply “essence”. And in this “Essence” there is movement and sentience. And as the Essence moves, let us say, “anti-emanations”, “anti-particles” are created which is sentient. Suddenly, there is an “outbreath”, the first Emanation or Spirit. The next natural “step” is that this Emanation inhales back to Itself and the Essence formed is the first Sphere; a masculine principle. The Formless Being contemplates what just happened and so another out breath is sent forth and inhales again creating a second Sphere which has a feminine principle – it’s important to note that these two first breaths are different breaths. The two in this Formlessness is Prime Creator.

Within the Formlessness, now there are two distinct Spheres and they can see each other and it is like a mirror reflecting back to Itself and thus a new level of awareness in this Formless Sentience is Omnipresent with itself. The two are drawn to each other and in union they create a third Sphere. With the birth of the third, now a triangle can be formed and Tony says that this is the birth of the Trinitized Form, or what he called, the Monad, because there must be three in order to have a basis for geometries. The triwave is based on the three and consider that we have been operating on a bi-wave architecture in this last epoch of humanity and striving for that trinity to come back to balance.

When we use the term “architecture” to create form, there literally are waves of light information that create geometries in order to stabilize or bring coherence to a being or aspect of God Source Consciousness. When the geometries based on the triwave can become more refined and intricate, we get matrices which enhance creation and creates Abundant Realities. It is the Trinity Wave that must be at the basis and at the heart of all Creation in order to be fully connected, balanced, and resonant with the original Formless One from which the first Trinitized Form was originally created.

This is also the basis of the human body. The Trinity is meant to be physical and so all the Laws correspond to a dimension which our body accesses through what we have called the chakra system except we have mainly been made aware of seven when there were actually 15; 12 of the Avatar Christ Consciousness Body and three additional ones of the Mother Arc (13th chakra), Father Arc (15th chakra), and what the Autist Collective is calling, the Ascension Chord (14th chakra; the gold ray which is the Christ-Sophia child which is YOU) which connects us through the still point under our sternum between the heart and solar plexus. This is something new it feels like in this next harmonic universe to help humanity reconnect as the chakra system continues to dissolve in stages. See image with this blog post. Most of humanity is at different stages. More advanced Starseeds have already dissolved their chakras and are operating on different systems.

And so, this is the basis of the 13 days of Galactic Sun meditations. If you are drawn to this work, listen to the recordings and allow yourself to feel the information being conveyed. The meditations can be quite powerful so please pace yourself and take care to allow yourself time to integrate. There are different messages from our Autist “kids” to clarify information and transmit deeper information. It is quite breathtaking.

Also, when reading the “laws” from the Galactic Suns below, it is important to keep this perspective in mind and why the Christ Consciousness was created and why the consciousness of the Galactic Suns are imbedding these “laws” or gnosis into our dimensionalized system. Our bodies manifest out of the Soul Matrix interacting with the dimensions at the plasma and subatomic levels (more complex than that but that’s the general idea) and so with the 12 Galactic Sun laws now replenishing our dimensions, we’re getting a very big kick start to get us back on track to evolve or ascend back to Source. There has been great damage to our Avatar Light Bodies as many of us may have layers and layers of traumatic experiences but these Laws now imbedded (for lack of a better word or description) into our dimensions is enabling deep healing to take place. For those who may not be aware of this level of healing, may misconstrue what is happening and may think they are regressing.

The 12 Dimensional Laws:

Remember, these laws refer to the building of a physical vessel that is to house a Soul Emanation from Source and the physical vessel/body is manifest from the Triwave or Trinity Wave.

1. THE LAW OF STRUCTURE: Structure is to stabilize the union of elements that comprise the being that will be the vessel for the Source Expression; the pull of the in breath back to Source. This is the magnetic principle and the expression is Gravity. Building a stable trinitized structure is very important. This is the bones, the skeletal system, the epithelial cells which I recently learned also comprises our glands of the endocrine system. We also resonate with the earth and all creation upon the earth.

2.THE LAW OF OMNISCIENT OMNIPRESENCE: The vessel has sentient intelligence and connection to all creation, and because the vessel has stability, it feels its energetic integrity as a coherent energetic form, which is distinguishable from another vessel. The vessel is a spiritually intelligent feeling being.

3. THE LAW OF FORM: To become actualized as many vector codes are coherently collapsing to manifest, or crystallizeinto form, there must be clarity and precision to the body to be energetically unified with the Soul Matrix. The consciousness at this dimensional level (3rd dimension) unifies the intelligences of all the body parts and cells to bring coherence to the body, to execute its Soul mission.

4. THE LAW OF THE TRINITIZED FORM: Creation is balanced and in alignment with the Original Source when it is created with the trinitized form represented by the simplest geometry of the triangle as its basis; the Mother, the Father, and the Christos-Sophia Child.

The Trinity Wave is the essential building block of balanced form. This is more than the concept of the Mother, the Father, and the Christos-Sophia. It is about understanding and knowing that form cannot exist coherently without these three principles in balance. It is carrying the Love of the Mother and the Father for the vessel, as the physical being, to be expressed as the Christos-Sophia in form.

5. THE LAW OF CO-CREATIVE ABUNDANCE:The Christos-Sophia child was created out of a co-creative union of the original two breaths and guides us to the knowing that creation is a co-creative process and all abundantly flourish in this co-creation.

This was a difficult concept as that word “abundance” has a different meaning here. Other concepts that came up were:

  • “Law of Plenty”

  • “Law of Abundance through co-creation”

  • “Law of Expression”

  • The more that’s created, the more abundant creation becomes

  • More energetic tools are created

  • Richness of senses, beings

  • Excitement to continue to create, expand

  • The concept of Flourishing in this creation is inherent; all Flourish or Flower together

  • Currently, we experience waste as a by-product of creating and that there is a limited supply of resources.

When the physical vessel is manifested with a Trinity Wave as its basis and is omnisciently omnipresent as a balanced unified vessel, then the being as that Soul Expression understands responsible co-creation and creates in balance and harmony with all creation. And, the concept of limited supply is not experienced.

6. THE LAW OF SACRED UNION: The first union of the original two breaths occurred within Formlessness and points us to unify our own inner masculine and feminine. Be a balanced expression as a total being.

As it implies, it is union of the masculine and feminine principle. Think of the first two breaths out of formlessness. Each one was from a slightly different aspect of movement in Formlessness; the masculine and feminine principle birthed as the first two breaths.This enabled Source to “see” Itself. Our two eyes represent the first two breaths because it enabled Source to see Itself. The first Union happened within Formlessness and this points us to our inner balanced Union before we co-create.

7. THE LAW OF COSMIC VISION: When the first two spheres were born from Formlessness, it enabled the God Source to see Itself in a whole new way and gave rise to the Cosmic Visionary. The God Source “saw” something new reflected back to Itself.

Think of those original two breaths again in Formlessness. Tony referred to this as Prime Creator. Sense and feel what this is like when these two aspects out of movement came to be and now then able to “see Itself” in a whole new way. This enabled the God Source to have a new perspective of Itself; an Awareness; to not just feel as in sentient movement but now to “see”.

This is the Cosmic Visionary. And so, there’s this sense that Prime Creator can look out from Formlessness and see Its Creations. There’s also this feeling of an organic pull, however, from that 2nd Sun as the Omniscient Omnipresent knower to connect so that Prime Creator not only “sees” Its Creations but also feels and is present with all Its Creations. There’s a deep feeling that these two aspects are vital in creation because there is a sense of this inner knowing to pause, reflect, feel what is being created and has been created. And this Cosmic Visionary can perceive the Creation landscape because it is in Sacred Union within.

8. THE LAW OF CONSENSUS: The Trinitized Form is at the heart of Consensus.

There is an organic consensus of what will be created because the vessel is in divine inner union and seeks divine union with other beings. There is honor, respect, humility, honesty, integrity, and balance with other such co-creators; consensus, consent and energetic exchange.

There is an understanding that all flourishes and blooms when there is this kind of energetic exchange. The Soul vessel seeks consensus and consent because the being is omniscient, omnipresent and has cosmic vision to co-create in balance.

Arising out of the plasma fields is a being whole unto Itself as the omniscient cosmic visionary and innately co-creates in a relationship based on honor, respect, humility, honesty, integrity, and balance with the All That Is.

9.THE LAW OF ABUNDANT REALITIES: The essence of this Law is that as we co-create, we create realities that are enriching, nourishing, and contributes to the whole. There is Abundance of resources, creation technologies, and that all evolve in the process.

It goes back to that notion that we are Omniscient Cosmic Visionaries who operate in deep sacred union with all aspects of our being, stable as trinitized vessels, and as beings with a deep understanding and feeling of the Law of Consensus. When everything is created with the trinity wave as the basis for our co-creation, then we can co-create in balance and harmony with all beings. It is interesting that the 9thdimension is where we form the collective consciousness. We co-create our reality.

10.THE LAW OF UNIFIED FIELDS: Underlying all manifestations are intricate matrices, or fractal geometries to unify patterns of light codes and emanations. The physical vessel housed with a Soul Emanation is also a Unified Field and has integrity and stability when created out of the Triwave patterns. We must honor ourselves and others as Unified Fields.

The Soul Emanation of a being from the Original God Source is in union with a trinitized physical vessel that is a Unified Field as the layers of the Soul is in interaction with dimensions and thus emanates a coherent field for the vessel to execute a particular Soul Experience in union with the God Source.

  • When referring to the physical vessel as a structural form to house a Soul Matrix, we must understand that this vessel unified with a Soul is a Unified Field and to remain coherent, it must remain in balance as a Trinitized Form.

  • Further, the essence of this Law is that when we create, we are creating energetic fields and these fields of energy are woven together; nothing is created without energy signatures.

  • Distortions happen when it is not created with the triwave.

  • The triwave is more than balance, it is the coherent essence of the Breath of God. The Holy Union which enables the flow of vibrational information with God Source so that as expansion continues, both macrocosmically and microcosmically, the nature of the creations remains true to its form and precise with the original intention of those beings who co-created it.

  • This enables the Unified Field to resonate with all other vessels of beings and keeps re-imprinting creation with the Original Breath of God.

  • The Unified Field is also about the exquisite language of fractal geometry that flowers out in Unity; intricately woven together like refined perfect diamonds each with a unique energetic signature that enriches every other being and creation.

  • Underlying the fabric of the Universe and the Omniverse are patterns and there are layers as creation and manifestations become more intricate. These patterns weave, some repeat, some emanate outward or inward in new fractal patterns but all is in harmony with the original in-breath and out-breath if it is to remain free of distortions.

11.THE LAW OF SACRED NATURE: A being or vessel whether it is the soul or the physical vessel has a fundamental core geometry based on the Trinity Wave and the very fundamental aspect of its beingness at the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels is its Sacred Nature and must be respected and honored.

  • All of creation has a unique unified core essence that is a unified field that was created from the Trinity Wave.

  • This core essence is its Nature; the fundamental matrix of the being imprinted with unique God Essence, the Breath.

  • And when co-creation expands and continues to utilize the essential “Nature” of the Trinity Wave, then the new creation has that essential unified essence for its intended beingness.

  • The distinct unified field is in constant communication and in union with the original God Source.

  • This God Sourced Structural Form as the human body in union with a Soul Matrix is damaged when the integrity of its Sacred Nature is violated as in violent explosions of the body, murdered, raped, molested as children, and so many other ways that our Nature has been damaged… there has been so much trauma inflicted upon humanity through the epochs that we, as soul beings, have traversed. This was difficult to feel the deep impact of what this Law was calling forth during the session.

  • This is a huge piece that is calling for healing as we progress and evolve. This is part of the pain being expressed as we are witnessing the unconscious memories surfacing.

12. The LAW OF THE COSMIC CHRIST MADE MANIFEST:The Human Blueprint was created to house the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. It is the Soul created out of Love to unify and balance polarity. This is the Angelic 12 Dimensional Avatar Human and its Soul emanates Christ Consciousness.

The Council of 12 says this about the Cosmic Christ Consciousness:

“Essentially, a vast Consciousness Being imprinted with the Trinitized Consciousness from the original two breaths + the CHILD from the union of the two breaths. This CHILD is balanced with the masculine and feminine. This is the Human Blueprint”

It’s interesting that they say it is a “Consciousness Being” because I am becoming aware that the Christ Consciousness is thousands and thousands of Soul Emanations, which as a coherent field acts as a “Being”.

The 12th dimensional access point is what many call the Earth Star and it is 8-10 inches below our feet (it used to be 6-8 inches below our feet is what my consciousness is telling me). Notice that being below the feet, we draw up the “energy consciousness” up to our tailbone and engage the Law of Structure at the 1stdimension. The interaction and interplay with our Soul Matrix activates the instruction set within the earth to manifest the physical body or physical vessel that is a Trinitized Form; the Cosmic Christ Made Manifest.

Since the dimensions are imprinted with vector codes to activate our DNA and is also time vector codes, it is what is giving us inner guidance, so to speak, to evolve or ascend “back” to the Original Source. The 12th dimension is simultaneously our 12th chakra and the future. Our service as the Cosmic Christ Made Manifest is to collect up all fragments of the cataclysmic event that occurred “quadrillions” of years ago just to give a perspective and the subsequent distortions we may have experienced and co-created. This Cosmic Christ is very, very, very, “old” and is the covenant we made with the God Source to evolve all beings back to the original human Taran template to become the Omniversal Human. How long this will take is unclear. It is up to us as a collective. Please see our previous blog posts, “The Taran-Earth Star”, and “The Wounding of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.” And note that the image representing the 12th Galactic sun is the rose gold, representing Tara, and the forest/hunter green, representing our Earth and Lemurian human template.

Day 13, The Council of 12 as the Law of One

The 13th day was to pull all the information from the 12 days of meditations together as the Council of 12, the collective consciousness of the Galactic Suns. When we can synthesize all the laws into our bodies, our vessel to house our soul, then the Law of One becomes a gnosis, inner knowing.

This is the evolutionary and ascension path of humanity. To be human, is to heal at all multidimensional levels and fully become the 12 Dimensional Avatar Christos-Sophia Being. We will learn to co-create in balance and harmony. We are undergoing a process of dismantling and zero-ing out systems that are no longer in alignment with the Trinity Wave and simultaneously co-creating new systems and architectures with the Triwave.

In the recording of the 13th day, there is an attunement to the Council of 12 to enhance your communication links with the Galactic Suns.

Stay the course. It is not always easy but we are back on track! Just the presence of the Council of 12 indicates how much support we have!

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