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New Neurology Activating!

As the ascension process continues, this is another important step. Many of you have experienced mental processes changing to various degrees in the past. This is an activation of brain wave patterns that begins to really change the rewiring of the brain. The thalamus comes on line to navigate a much more sensory processing experience on the earth. The feeling human will become the norm. This activation will be felt by the most sensitive at first and integrated to then emanate out to the planet. It affects all life on the planet. For those who feel it, you’ll feel it in the back of the head, the center of your head (hypothalamus) and radiate through your nervous system. Tingling sensations may increase in your toes and finger tips. Your back where heart chakra is may feel sensations as the biocircuitry connected to heart is also recalibrating. If you participated in our Planetary Synthesis series in 2017, we were building the energetic pathways for the new neurology and this activation. The videos can be found on our You Tube channel. 

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