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"We are the Progenitor Races of the Future Human"

What does this mean exactly?

"It means exactly that; in our light bodies we carry the spiritual RNA and DNA codes to advance humanity to its true avatar potential and then some.

The DNA and RNA is light encoded fractal patterns that the subatomic particles align to.It is spiritually conscious.

Since these patterns are spiritually conscious, we first had to break down the mental, emotional, and physical patterning that the human has been operating on.Because the collective human and the planet were operating on a closed third dimensional system, we would not have been able to transfer these DNA and RNA codes to humanity; thus a sufficient breakdown had to occur before they could be transferred.

The true triwave architecture is “taking over” the planet at macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. The upgraded light body is also now activated on the planet and can be accessed by the starseeds.