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Introducing, Archangel Anacleus

His energy can also mean, "The Father has returned."

Recently, I’ve been working on some assignments from Sammie (chuckle and smile). She’s had a lot of assignments for me recently; very profound assignments that I am so honored to be able to do.

Anyway, one day last week or so, from this field of liquid gold, I “saw” this Archangel birth through the liquid field of gold that I’d been “working in”. He literally looked as if he was walking through this liquid gold. The name, “Archangel Anacleus”, clearly appeared in my minds eye. He represents the return of the Father, so his name can also mean, “The Father has returned.”

"The Father has returned."

Archangels are energetic forms that carry a code from the Creator. The forms allow for the energetic code to be coherent; be a field that can permeate into our spiritual reality.

For the past several years, and for some decades, we have been focused on the return of the divine feminine. The feminine has been repressed and misogyny has been prevalent across our globe during this last epoch of humanity. We have experienced a distorted masculine principle that has dominated and exerted force to accomplish distorted consciousness actions.

If we have not been accessing the true divine feminine, then I say we have also not been accessing the true divine masculine.

When Archangel Anacleus penetrated through this veil of liquid gold, I could feel an essence of the Father that I feel I have not known here. This Essence of Father feels like the Protector and Guardian but He it is not about agression. Protector and Guardian from this perspective is not to fend off or fight off but is one who opens a grand and magnificent etheric landscape and holds it in a loving embrace to allow the Mother to birth.

The wide-open arms of the Father keeps the harmonic tones and vibrations to be steady and effortlessly enables the Mother to freely birth and co-create.

It is this elegant dance and weaving that allows and enables us to be here. With this grand presence of Archangel Anacleus, we can further heal the feminine and also as importantly, heal the masculine.

Take a moment to breathe in the presence of this beautiful archangel. Allow the energy to work in and through you. As our foundational and energetic architecture is changing, this is one of the ways that the God Source is offering support, loving embraces, and energetic messages to correct the distortions we have been operating within. A few other new archangels have appeared to us since 2013 and these other beings can be found here.

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