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Dissipating Another Layer

June 9, 2019

How is everyone feeling today? We’d like to address the energy we’re feeling today. It feels like there are fear programs and lower 3D ego consciousness programs of competition arising. It feels like fears of not being enough, the need to be better than someone else, measuring our “worth” comparable to someone else.

These are false, third dimensional ego programs. As we’ve been describing in the past, we have been in a false matrix so to speak. There have been many artificial grid systems in place around the planet to keep this false matrix in place which also has held the third dimensional ego pattern in place. This is lower three chakra patterns and mental body. There have also been implants in the brain stem area feeding fear programs.

These patterns have kept humanity competing, fearing one another, fearing that we are unworthy, … fear, fear, fear….

This message is not to promote more fear but to bring to your awareness that if you are feeling this today, it is the amplification of this false dragon grid as either attempts to keep the human consciousness in that lower vibration or because you can now release yourself from this grid and dissipate this false grid; it’s likely both.

I drew this quick energy symbol to help release this. You can use it personally by imagining yourself in it or you can help the dissipation of this grid by seeing the earth in it. And of course, you can do both.

Many artificial grid systems are dissolving, dissipating, zero-ing out, clearing, … as our dimensions are going through changes at the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. This is how the artificial false matrix has been held in place and why it has been so challenging for much of humanity to uplift their consciousness.

To get a better overview of what this means, mark your calendars for the June 21, 2019 free webinar we’ll be offering through Zoom, 9a.m. PST. Stay tuned for the link.

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