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Clearing 5G Intentions

Since crossing the most recent summer solstice, changes continue to accelerate and I personally, have been knocked over by the many activations and continued clearings taking place. I'll briefly mention what Sammie and I have been experiencing at the end of this blog but I felt very compelled today to talk a little about the 5G frequencies.

By now, most of you may have heard of this transition to the 5G network which promises to make downloads, streaming, and general access to web based information faster. I don't know a great deal about it, in all honesty, but I do know that it utilizes very high frequencies in the microwave range and beyond to transmit data and information. We're used to this in some ways because it's through frequencies and vibrations that we have been getting our television and radio stations. This is not "new" but the 5G technology is apparently much higher frequencies and shorter wavelengths to transmit the data and information. On the surface, this can sound very innocuous since we're vibrating higher anyway?

Well, no is what I'm getting from Sammie. These are artificial waves that are not created out of Law of One intentions and not in alignment with natural laws. Sammie reminds us that all creations have intentions whether conscious or unconscious - and most humans create with unconscious or subconscious intentions. Those who control our largest corporations, however, create with clear intentions - this is called marketing and advertising. Those are intentions and if we're not conscious about these intentions, they impact us in ways that control how we buy, what we buy, what we think, and even what we think of ourselves.

I don't want to belabor the point here.... so let me just get to what I'm experiencing and what the symbol in the image means.

I've been experiencing really incredible and amazing things happening since the summer solstice but I've also been bowled over the last couple of days with this incredible heaviness in my brain. So, this morning there it was again... I put the question out to Sammie, "What is this? Is it organic or inorganic?" And, of course, the answer came back, it is inorganic and it's the 5G network.

As the ascension and human evolution continues, which from my perspective, it really is - evolution -, those who have controlled the planet continue to find new ways to halt this process (please watch our free YouTube, Who are the Autists of the 7 Higher Heavens, for background on this as the human in this last epoch has been distorted to a biwave inorganic form). In essence, what I was shown is that this 5G bandwidth is broadcasting intentions to keep us looping in the same thought patterns, states of depression, low self-worth, consumerism, competition, fear of each other, hate programs, general fears of all kinds, lower ego self gratification programs such as sex and promiscuity, misinformation about ascension, setting up false ascension "gurus", and even scrambling telepathic/energetic communication from our Autists.... You name it, it's there. It also impacts our brainwaves and is attempting to keep our brainwave patterns cycling in unnatural cycles and also is attempting to keep our DNA scrambled. By scrambling our DNA, people have difficulty accessing their light bodies which emanates the organic harmonic tones which is our unique soul blueprint.

Naturally, I put out the question, "so what can we do about this?" One of the answers is to bring our awareness to this and the other is the symbol depicted here. There is an attunement imbedded into the symbol so that you can activate it. An attunement is a method of passing on the energy to another person who may otherwise not be able to activate it. You activate the symbol with your mind or your hands. Our hands can be very powerful. Some in the new age thinking believe that to activate with just your mind is progression in your "power" but as I briefly discussed in our summer solstice webinar, our body parts are actually connected to different dimensions in the full harmonic universe in which we exist and so our hands have a powerful impact.

Clearing 5G Intentions with the Symbol:

1. Activate with your mind (if you're out in public our places where waving your hands in thin air might look a bit off). See the symbol and using your intention, sweep the 5G field of all intentions that are manipulating you in any way. You can be specific too to have more power.

2. Activate on your hands and imagine you see the 5G bandwidth of frequencies and sweep to clear.

3. Add your own intentions to this consciousness wave! See your intentions written over this symbol. This symbol will not work with malintent! It will immediately deactivate with any harmful or selfish intention.

Place protection around you whenever you're out. There are many ways to do this. The protection is not just to keep certain vibrations out but to help you discern. The more you align to your soul matrix and the layers of your soul, (soul matrix, oversoul matrix, avatar God matrix), the stronger your ability to discern will become.

Recent happenings:

I'll just quickly recap some awarenesses arising in the past month. I may expand on them via another blog. It's just too much to keep up with at this point.

1. The Earth herself is going through massive clearings. Consciousness memories which have been buried in her light body has been surfacing. This brings up memories within our own very physical flesh since we are made of the earth material and essences. It's important to notice and discern what is coming out of your body as being "yours" and what is surfacing to be cleared. Consequently, it's also happening to others around us. People are very reactive right now so it's important to keep practicing kindness and holding one's tongue.

2. On 7/17/19, Sammie went through another intense moment in our home. This usually means she had an extreme headbanging incident which comes out of nowhere. This happened on 7/17/17 as well and on that day, I saw a portal opening and many other autists helping to stabilize this portal. This portal opened to the 7 higher heavens. On this day of 7/17/19, however, I saw many future spiritual beings coming through. These are future spiritual selves of some on the planet now. This is soul expression so not exactly the same energetic feeling of the "current" soul expression of the human now. Most of these future aspects seemed to be those of the younger generation and were coming through as the new archetypes for humanity to become as we transition out of the old beliefs and structures.

Lastly, it's truly time to build your connection to your soul and light body. Consciousness expansion is not of the mind but actually one of strengthening your inner communication channels with your light body or soul tree as Sammie calls it. It is here you'll find discernment and comfort with who you are and what you're here to express as a unique soul being. It's time to listen to ourselves as a Human Race. Extraterrestrial contact is not the answer to take us out of this. The Human Avatar is a grand being. If you watched our summer solstice webinar (Who are the Autists of the 7 Higher Heavens), you noted that the human blueprint accesses all 15 dimensions of this universe and that the ET's that are operating in higher dimensions are actually limited (5D and higher) in some regard as well. The Human was created to be an exquisite and grand being to bring healing to this universe. Some of these ET's that are being channeled do not have our best interests at heart.

Be the Human Avatar. We are compassionate beings and expressions of the Creator. As Sammie said in our latest podcast, "God is Humility. Wear your Humility as the Avatar Christ Consciousness" (no religious undertones are intended in this term).

We offer this message with love and compassion for it is a beautiful time but also a difficult one. Stay tuned.

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