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Believing + Knowing = Manifestation

Hope everyone is hanging in there. It’s been intense. I’ve certainly been irritable. The solar flares are kicking up and out a lot of deep stuff. Also, I was getting that the impact to the planetary magnetics is helping our release from the density. If you’re having a hard time grounding, perhaps this is a factor.

This phrase, “Believing + Knowing = Manifestation”, came as a vision a couple of days ago. Perhaps this was always true for those who’ve been manifesters in the 3D plane. Those who teach manifestation, those that I’ve watched, anyway, emphasize thoughts and beliefs; that what we think is what manifests.

However, the vision of this phrase came from a different experience mentally and physically in my body. I was watching a video someone shared with me. Briefly, the topic of the video was around continued wars at various levels in order for humanity to be shaken awake as a whole. While the wheels in my brain were turning that perhaps this is “true”, the energy of the thoughts would not get past my high heart.

It was as if my high heart would not allow this energy of “belief” to run down the rest of my body and anchor in the root. This inner knowing that my higher self was not going to allow this thought, of needing war and extremes to awaken humanity, to be rooted in my body because it would manifest. These days, we are bombarded with headlines, video clips of what others believe to be true. Then there’s the AI generated info and images. It takes more discernment than ever. 

I’m certainly not saying, I can’t be fooled or never will again but this experiential process is something I took note of because I do feel more people are opening their high heart whether they know it or not. The high heart to me is the universal heart. Our collective consciousness connection. If more are having this experience where we’ll be testing and discerning the beliefs that third dimensional consciousness attempts to push on us, then we can truly manifest something different. Who says extremes have to continue to play out for people to see? I don’t know how many are having this sort of experience but perhaps more will over the next year or two.

So this phrase/vision tells me as this inner knowing in our body grows, expands, it will become harder to manifest the same things we always have. We’ve been in an epoch where the mind and logical linear thinking has dominated. In this framework, time is linear and “seeing is believing” which we’ve seen these last few years has its dangers because people’s actions can be manipulated. The next epoch is all about the Soul and Body coming together where the mind is important but will be checked by our higher soul self because when belief and linear thinking is emphasized, we can create things that violate natural laws. Unfortunately, this is what has dominated.

I felt encouraged by this experience - where the high heart would not even allow the thought to anchor into my body. It’s a muscle, I feel, that will be strengthened over a period. But it also says that what’s possible is opening up even more and we can’t create something different based on the past. We’re used to planning our lives based on what the historical patterns have been. Even our sun and its patterns of solar cycles may become different. Cycles of the earth may not even be the same going forward. I really feel our physical world is changing at the quantum and subatomic levels, consequently, the cycles will also change. Hence, we don’t even know how people will behave. Those who’ve controlled what we see, what we “should” experience, etc… have no idea of how the world is changing or they do know and still try to steer us anyway. But if we don’t react and respond the same way as they predict, then what will happen? This is the true wild card. Black swan events.

Increasingly, our responses will become an anomaly to those in power. “We can no longer predict the future based on the past.” I know i’ve been saying that off and on for several years and now it feels like it’s becoming more and more true. 

Do we require more wars and extreme lessons for more to awaken? If it’s easier to embody the higher self, is it necessary? Perhaps not because along with this embodiment will come the innate knowing of past life experiences galactically and on earth. The lessons are there. Additionally, it feels like as the Earth is physically changing, she is releasing histories and lessons, and therefore even if the mind doesn’t remember, the knowing will be felt in our bodies. That’s how it feels to me.

I just read some headlines from around the world and the ugly things transpiring. I had a moment of, “maybe i’m crazy, maybe i’m wrong” but then from my high heart again, the words, “let it play out. You don’t know how it will play out.” And perhaps refrain from boxing people into a timeline trajectory because the timelines are not straight vectors in a particular direction. Some may look like they’re going in one direction but an inner voice may suddenly awaken them to change direction. The time vector codes are in our dna and there’s lots more dna activations are upon us as the earth is unwinding histories. Other wild card is the return and healing of the Suns/Sons of the masculine principle and how this will impact the males on the planet. 

May you be blessed as the wild cards are put into the mix. Just my thoughts and experience. Often, I like to let these questions just be there and don’t have to have an answer right now. Each can really only answer for themselves. It’s a tough time to juggle between what’s finished and the new. The best thing to do sometimes is just hold your tongue, breathe, and be kind to each other.

As I was finishing this up, Samantha was reminding me that there are also brainwave changes taking place. The only brainwave that is natural to the human is the theta wave. It means that mind control technology won’t work on people. Everyone? Not sure at this time. And if you don’t feel like it’s happening to you, it may in the next several months. Some are unaware it’s happening to them. So many unknown factors are at play now.  We’ve presented this in our patreon meetings. The excerpts of these meetings are available on our YouTube channel. @moonorosone9623

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