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Copper Rose Gold Sun-disc Network

Happy Mother’s Day to those in the U.S! And all mothers around the globe even if today is not Mother’s Day in your country.

First, I want to thank all of you that follow our work. You have blessed me in particular. As a mom of two adult children with extra physical and sensory needs, this work I do - the drawings, the messages… have helped me to maintain my sanity when I could have completely lost it several times. Being able to focus on the “big expansive picture” gave me context that there indeed is something happening cosmically which is way beyond this human form, and so I thank each of you that is the audience for this work. In particular, I thank my Patreon members for taking the extra step to support our work. The audience may be “small” but you are each such great souls that the gratitude you offer is felt beyond any monetary value.

And now getting to this image….

It represents the Copper Rose Gold Sun-disc network beyond 18D is all I’ll say. This is not exactly how it “looks” because truly it’s beyond vision but energetically felt. It is transmitting today particularly intensely. I could feel it humming, radiating, activating, and offering cleansing of shadow aspects, i’ll just call them. Even galactic shadows i’m just calling them. Meaning, as souls who had traversed the galactic planes, there may have been darker experiences where we expressed as those “entities.” It’s highlighting many aspects of ourselves, the loving souls we are and also the darker sides perhaps. Each of you will experience this energy differently, and my perspective here may not resonate with you. And that’s ok because it’s truly time to align to who you are and designed to be.

In a sense, we’re being activated to the next level of our soul “mission”. I have looked at it like a new soul “contract” or perhaps the true soul “contract” that we were born with. Once the overlays of a 3D matrix began falling away, it’s as if the “true” blueprint, which is in your DNA, is being activated for this time or phase of the planetary evolution. This is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s why we came. It’s challenging for sure and maintaining sanity through it at various times hasn’t been easy.

We have each other, though. Others who can see. Others who’ve been working their part in the multidimensional and cosmic realms which very few can appreciate. 

And so in this moment, I offer gratitude for all Mothers, the Earth Mother, the Mothers of the past who were able to hold pure love in their hearts in a harsh world of extreme polarity and duality. We rise because the Mother and Father are united as One, and the Father offers many blessings and embraces his true counterpart.

Blessings to each of you!

Susan, Samantha, and Family

P.S. if you haven't seen them, also check out our latest YouTube uploads. A Short and vlog. Also, subscribe if you like our YouTubes!

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