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Cosmic Update July 2021

by Susan Oros

This blog is a companion to a YouTube spontaneous live I posted on 7-11-21. These are some of the images I made references to in the video. See the link below if you have not seen the video and subscribe if you’d like to be notified when I am able to pop in. I plan to do some short energy processes as I feel guided. Also, check the front page of our website for new image activations. I have drawn many new images to “capture” the energy of what’s happening and which may help you adjust to what’s streaming in.

<The accompanying image above represents the weave into 48 "dimensions">

*Note, that I’ll pop into YouTube directly and share when I’m able. We have subscribers who do not use Facebook so I’ve decided to post directly to YouTube to make it more readily available to our subscribers.

Samantha and I have been experiencing heightened and intense ascension symptoms for the last 2 weeks or so. Samantha has been fatigued this past week and I've had nausea the last few weeks, to the point I cannot eat much on certain days, dizziness and vertigo, body aching, just inner anger arising at other times, etc... Last Sunday, I had one of the worst ascension experiences ever. It was such an intense energy that I had to throw up and wondered if I needed to go to the ER. The energy was bronze metallic colored liquid plasma is what my body is calling it right now. I could "see" the folds in my brain and my entire body running this liquid metallic energy. Over the last two weeks or so, I have been feeling/seeing liquid plutonium from the 22nd dimension, liquid uranium from the 23rd dimension, and liquid iridium from the 21st dimension. It felt like a flood of energy was these three liquid metals. Please note, this does note mean you should go out at try to get plutonium, uranium, or iridium! Remember, in the physical plutonium and uranium are used for nuclear weapons. The liquid anti-matter versions of these metals is playing a role in bringing our bodies back into oneness and wholeness. Last weekend Samantha was banging on her legs accompanied by a high pitch siren like whine (which puts us in a state of feeling fight or flight because the sound is alerting). On Tuesday or Wednesday I finally "saw" platinum (& titanium my inner guidance is saying as I write) liquid energy from the 19th dimension flood through the interdimensional spaces of our entire harmonic universes. She experienced the high pitch wave of this energy coming towards us. I mention these things in case others are experiencing intense symptoms and also having to care for autists who might be behaving erratically and having a challenging time in the physical. From what I have been “seeing/experiencing”, the interdimensional system in which we exist is undergoing a cleansing and “rewiring”. The liquid platinum energy from the 19th dimension is what broke through and flooded through our entire harmonic universes. Additionally, a new multiversal council has come to assist us. The Interdimensional Free-World Council is here to assist the changes in density that our planet is undergoing for the next several months. There are braided cords of energy that is surrounding the earth through the interdimensional spaces. These cords are surrounding the earths to hold the earth's wobble steady as we go through the upcoming changes. So, there is definitely a lot going on. And I've noticed that it's happening throughout the omniverse. The 7 higher heavens felt like they were wobbling last week and coming into a new alignment. The Law of Structure has changed and our physical body has a structure which aligns to our universe. As I mentioned in the YouTube video, these various changes at all levels, dimensions, and interdimensions have been engaging for the last couple of years to help us evolve out of 3D reality and paradigms. The description that even came was that Source is rewiring Itself if you can conceive of such a thing, and yet, it makes sense because of the interconnectedness of the All That Is.


God of Paradisian Earth or Eden

God of Edenic Magic (or Alchemy)

Dissolve Inorganic Timelines

God of Paradisian Time or Ascension Timeline

Burn & Dissolve the Beast Machine Stage 4

Burn Out Miasma (or deadlight energy in the body)

Consuming the Madness

The Scroll of Christ Consciousness

Remember to listen to your inner guidance in how you use these images and be gentle with yourself. Staring at all of them at once for too long can cause an overload.

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