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Eye of God Through the Quantum Field

This is another quick blog. There continues to be monumental cosmic happenings that are impacting the earth very physically. The power of what is happening shakes up everything we’ve known and believed.

The drawing above, I call, Eye of God Thru the 7 Micro Universes. Some time in 2019, the autists came through and shared with me the 7 micro universes that is accessed through the Mother Arc Gateway or the 13th dimension. The 7 micro universes are what “feeds” the quantum field and can be seen as the micro consciousness units of Source. The image indicates that we now access the Source in the physical realms through this quantum field.

Some might say, “Well, God knows all so what’s the difference?” To me there is a very physical difference. There’s an intensity to this image that really through Samantha off again yesterday. I saw something like this coming through her field but when I drew it, it took on another level of physical power and presence. I share it so that it can spread through the planet.

Samantha also shared with me that so directly accessing the 7 micro universes will affect our brain and is related to the activation of the 12 cranial nerves. The folds in our brain accesses into the quantum field and this will facilitate the changes to our neurology as our nervous system is adapted and as the 12 cranial nerve activations continue.

All for now as I am kept busy these days with cosmic activity and supporting Samantha (and myself and family). You can tune into our vlogs on our YouTube channel or on Brighteon. We are sharing the presentation portions of our Patreon monthly meetings. Subscribe to those channels if you’d like to be notified of the latest videos since I do not always have the opportunity to send out an email blast of updates.

Hang in there! Be safe and maintain your center for stability!

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